10 free mandala patterns

The mandala, from the sanskrit word for circle, is a pattern that has become a crochet must-have. In the Buddhist and Hindu religions, the round mandala shape symbolises the universe. These circular patterns make stunning stand-alone designs, or they can be used for rugs, throws, bags, potholders, and more.
You'll love this selection of ten of the prettiest and most mystical mandala designs out there. Create them at home to enhance your world.
1. Granny spiral dream catcher
Showing that the granny stitch really does get everywhere, here's a beautiful granny mandala that you'll love to make:
2. Mandala throw
If you like mandalas but prefer to create larger projects, then this throw is just the perfect solution:
3. Mandala cuff
Taking mandalas to the next level, create this beautiful bracelet:
4. Round and round mandala
This is another simple granny mandala, but this time you get to decide how big you want to go. Keep going forever and have a beautiful, big blanket, or choose a chunky wool and have a mandala rug.
5. Lotus flower mandala prayer flags
If you love making bunting, but want a mandala twist, then you'll adore this lotus flower prayer flag pattern:
6. Spoke mandala
The mandala is often spoken of as a wheel, so it makes sense to give yours some spokes. Try this gorgeous spoke mandala pattern:
7. Mandala market bag
If you like your mandalas practical, then this market bag is crying out for your crochet hook. Its beautiful but oh-so-useful too.
8. Shocking mandala rug
The mandala shape lends itself perfectly to cosy rugs – this super-vivid one is really covetable and easy to make:
9. Mandala pot holders
In the pretty-but-practical camp are these lovely potholders which bring the sacred mandala right to your hearth:
10. Little spring mandalas
Sometimes the combination of a circular pattern and lovely colors is all you need to make a really pleasing addition to your home. These pretty mandalas would make great coasters or mats.
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