10 stunning ways to turn an old ceiling fan into something totally new

It seems like just about every household has an old, totally outdated ceiling fan hanging around. At one point these were in style, but today they're mostly eyesores we want to get rid of.
When you finally decide to make the plunge and get rid of yours, though, don't toss it to the curb. There are actually a lot of cool projects and crafts you can do with the old blades, the hooks and even the base. Don't believe us? Check out this list below. We bet you'll want to repurpose your old fan after you see these projects!
1. Paint the blades
One fun way to makeover an old ceiling fan blade is simply by painting a new design! Exquisitely Unremarkable chose to hand paint a Christmas tree for the holiday season, but your blade can be customized however you want.
2. Coat garment rack
Repurposing Junkie upcycled old ceiling fan blades into a shabby chic coat garment. Who doesn't love functional and stylish decor? This DIY is so transformational, you don't even recognize it was a ceiling fan blade.
3. Dragonfly project
Add a little whimsy to your backyard with a giant dragonfly. This is a great way to spruce up a big fence or to just add some fun to your garden. Follow the DIY-project from Lucy Designs Online to create this easy decoration. If you are looking for more color in your dragonfly, try the DIY by Saved By Love Creations instead.
4. DIY candelabra flower planter
Forget traditional planters. Redhead Can Decorate's latest upcycle trumps all. Spray paint old ceiling fan shades white and super glue onto a candelabra. Style with your favorite flowers. This decor piece looks stunning indoors or outside.
5. Craft Your Happiness
With this tutorial from Craft Your Happiness, turn an unsightly ceiling fan into a beautiful illuminated light. Style your new light on a decorative tray in the living room or on a patio table, so you can show it off to houseguests.
6. Rustic farmhouse windmill blades
If you love the rustic, shabby-chic look, this DIY project by Sadies Season Goods is everything you've been looking for. It's easy to transform your old ceiling fan blades into these cool, vintage windmill blades. What a great accent piece, right?
7. Blade attachments for hooks
You know the metal brackets they used to secure the blades to the base? Well, these work well for a variety of DIY crafts. One we loved, in particular, was this creative rolling pin holder by My Repurposed Life.
8. Outdoor solar lights
My Repurposed Life shows you how to take the old lights off of your ceiling fan and turn them into outdoor solar lights. These are great for hanging on the porch, lighting the walkway or as table centerpieces for your garden parties.
9. Ceiling fan makeover
The Palette Muse shows us an easy way to makeover an old ceiling fan. Above, you see the after. The original ceiling fan was brown colored and very dated in style. The best part? This chic decor upgrade cost only $9.
10. Bird feeder
To Work With My Hands shows us how to transform the base of your old ceiling fan into a perfectly pretty bird feeder. Seriously, afterward, you can't even tell it came from a fan!
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