9 exceptionally creative ceiling ideas that will transform any room of the house

When our home is in need of a makeover, painting the walls is usually the first project people suggest. But we think ceilings are seriously underrated, and giving them a bit of a facelift will bring a really special touch to your home.
Whether you have a popcorn ceiling that you want to completely makeover, or you just want to spice up your home with an interesting and unexpected touch, we've got some projects in mind that you won't want to miss. Remember to keep your head up, because you can find surprising beauty all around (and above!) you.
1. Stenciled ceiling medallion
For instant "wow" factor, paint a stenciled design on your ceiling. We love this metallic ombre stencil on Apartment Therapy, but you could get really creative! To make it look the most natural, place your stencil design in the center of a hanging light fixture. Even if the light is simple, your stencil makeover will give it the elegance of an expensive chandelier.
2. Wallpaper your ceiling
Whoever said wallpaper was just for walls clearly hasn't seen a ceiling makeover like this one! A fun pattern on your ceiling can completely transform a room without adding color or too much of an expense.
3. Add stars
You don't need to step a foot outside to be under the stars! Imagine how amazing it would feel taking a soak beneath these faux stars. It surely takes relaxation to a new level. We think this would also be a great addition to a nursery!
4. Rustic wooden beams
Wooden beams can add a completely new feel to your home. A bedroom or living room can go from average to feeling like you've been transported to a rustic chalet in the Swiss Alps with just this one project. Jenna Sue Design put together a super comprehensive tutorial that will be super helpful if you, too, want to add some rustic charm to your house.
5. Sunburst lighting
Turn a boring old light into something worth looking up at with this sunburst project idea from A Beautiful Mess.
6. Ceiling medallion
Jennifer Allwood of The Magic Brush shows us how she attached a decorative metal piece to the ceiling for a totally updated look. We love how it makes the lighting fixture pop!
7. Ceiling medallions and trim
Make a statement by centering a decorative foam medallion over a kitchen island, or dress up your dining room by building it over your table. You can by plaster coated foam medallions, which are lightweight and easy on your budget, but look oh so sophisticated!
8. Wood coffered ceiling
This may be one of the most stunning ceiling transformations we've seen - and you can do it, too! This tutorial from Andrew Rachel Ashmore walks you through the steps to make your very own sunken panel ceiling.
9. DIY bead-board ceiling
If you've got an eyesore of a ceiling that you'd like to cover up, this project may just be perfect for you! Head over to Lifestyle And Design Online for a breakdown of how you, too, can update your home with this super classy look.
Which ceiling makeover is most your style? Do you have any DIY-loving friends who would love to make a statement with their ceiling? Share the love and send them this article!
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