Buy some cheap ping pong balls. Here are 9 cool ways to reuse them

Ping pong balls aren't just for hitting back and forth over a table. That's right, you can use these inexpensive balls for some pretty cool projects! We've complied some of the most creative ways to use ping pong balls so that you don't need to look any further!
Whether you have kiddos and are always looking for kid-friendly crafts, or you want a fun and cheap project for yourself to spruce up your home, ping pong balls may just be the material you need to stock up on!
1. Mini foosball table
If your kids keep asking for a foosball table, but you're not quite ready for fork over all that cash for the real version, DIY it! U Create Crafts has put together a tutorial that'll show you how to transform a shoebox and a ping pong ball (along with a few other supplies) into a game that'll be their new favorite!
2. Velcro dart board (h/t Education)
Your little ones will love this dart board and it helps develop their motor skills. Plus, it's safer for children than playing traditional darts. Head over to Education for the step-by-step tutorial.
3. Colorful bubble lights
With an stand of Christmas lights and some ping pong balls, you can create your very own fun and colorful cafe lights. Hand them up indoors or string them outside over your patio for a fun place to entertain. You could also use white Christmas lights for this project if you don't want the pop of color. Created By V has a fun tutorial you can follow to make your own.
4. Ping pong monsters
If you've got kiddos at home, we think they'll love this fun craft using ping pong balls. With a little paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and glue, they can transform ping pong balls into their very own personalized monster! Head over to Kids Activity Blog for the full instructions.
5. Icebreakers
Write questions or topics on a ton of ping pong balls for a fun way to engage guests when you're entertaining. You can also use this before meetings at work or with groups of kids. Heck, you could even write date night ideas and choose one when you and your hunny are looking for something fun and spontaneous to do! The possibilities are endless!
6. Snowman heads
Come holiday season, it seems we are all in search of fun and easy new ways to decorate. For some holiday inspiration, take ping pong balls and transform them into snowman heads! It makes a cute filler for glass bowls. If you're entertaining, write each guests' name on a snowman head and use it as a place setting!
7. Ping pong ball run (h/t Where Imagination Grows)
Little ones will love this obstacle course of sorts. You can use paper towel rolls and other stuff you have lying around your house for a fun and cheap activity.
8. Bubbly witch's brew punch
You'll want to save this recipe idea from Amee's Savory Dish for when Halloween rolls around! Whether you're throwing a party or simply want to do something special for your kiddos, this creepy drink certainly tastes better than it looks. And those ping pong eye balls are the perfect touch!
9. Colorful ping pong ball pendant lamp
This fun project, found on Poppy Talk, will brighten up any room! We think it would look especially cute in a nursery. Simply coordinate colors to match the room's color scheme.

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