Cut up your old jeans instead of junking them. Here are 15 brilliant ways to repurpose them

We've all got a stack of jeans we never wear that are taking up room in the back of our closet. Maybe they're your "fat jeans" or perhaps you're saving them for when you lose those extra 10 pounds. But between us — you haven't worn them in years, right?
Instead of letting them continue to collect dust, or even worse, throwing them in the trash, we've got plenty of beautiful and creative ways to upcycle those old jeans. So start digging in your closet, because you'll surely want to try a few of these DIY projects.
1. Denim hexagon pillow
Got a ton of old jeans lying around? Well, here's the project for you! This stunning pillow only looks like you bought it at a designer store.
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2. Embroidered hoop wall hanging
This adorable little wall hanging uses one piece of denim — perfect if you've got just one pair of jeans you're willing to part with. It requires only a few materials and minimal embroidery skills, so it's ideal for the beginner.
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3. Distressed jeans

If you've got a pair of jeans that's a little distressed but not quite ready to be cut up, you're going to love this project. Just grab some paint and in no time you'll have a fun, colorful pair of fabulous jeans.
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4. Cosmetic case (or pencil case)
Transform an old pair of jeans into an adorable cosmetic or pencil case. You can even iron on some patches to really personalize it.
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5. Denim hair bows
If you only have tiny scraps of your old jeans, this project is one way to upcycle those denim pieces rather than tossing them in the trash. Turn those jean scraps into adorable hair bows.
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6. Upcycled jeans blanket
This is one of the most practical ways you can imagine to transform your old denim into something completely useful (not to mention cute!).
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Before you know it, that stack of jeans will be gone and you'll have a water-resistant blanket that's perfect for picnicking!
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7. Denim wreath
This wreath can be hung on all occasions and adds a little country flair to your home.
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8. Coffee sleeve
Calling all coffee lovers! This project will give you double points for being "green." The project shows you how to recycle old jeans — plus, you'll never have to take those cardboard sleeves from your favorite coffee shop again. How's that for being eco-friendly?!
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9. Recycled denim basket
This denim basket can have multiple uses, and it'll be a unique addition to any room in your house.
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10. Denim tote
When its time to restock denim and swap out an old pair for something new, there’s no need to toss those well-used jeans in the trash. Instead, take some time to repurpose them into a denim tote that makes everyday errands not only easy but an exercise in style. Get the full tutorial here.
11. Party banner
Turn those old jeans into a super-cool party banner. Keep it generic so it can be used on any occasion, or customize the banner to say whatever you'd like.
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12. Denim placemat
If you're a little country at heart, you'll love this denim placemat idea. The pocket serves as a clever place to store silverware.
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13. Denim lunch bag
In this project, your kiddo will have the cutest lunch bag in school! Plus, it's a great way to recycle old jeans you'll never wear again!
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14. Denim ottoman (h/t Michele Made Me)
You can't help but be obsessed with this denim ottoman. While it may not exactly be the simplest way to upcycle your old jeans, it may be one of the most beautiful. If you love sewing, why not give it a try?
15. Woven coasters
If you've used up big pieces of denim for some of the other projects on this page, don't throw away those leftover seams. This easy project is a fabulous way to use every little bit of your denim. Plus, it'll save your tables from water rings.

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