10 brilliant ways to repurpose a pool noodle

Pool noodles are a huge part of summer fun. Whether you use them to float around, slap your brother or squirt water, they are an inexpensive part of summer water play. In most cases, you can pick them up for just a few dollars each.
But did you know you can put this simple, cheap summer toy to use in many creative ways? These 10 pool noodle ideas are perfect for crafting even more fun.
1. Pool noodle sprinkler
Are you children begging to play in the water, but you don't have the room for a pool? Use this tutorial by Make It and Love it to craft a wet and safe sprinkler for outdoor play. The cushiony surface can be jumped over without any fear of bumps, bruises or scrapes. ​
2. Lake lounger
Craft a comfortable floating chair for hanging out in the pool using a pool noodle and fabric. This simple lake lounger takes very little time to craft and costs only a few dollars. Momtastic shows you how to create one for yourself.
3. Pool raft
Similar to the chair, this simply pool raft uses noodles at each end with a piece of sturdy canvas for a "raft." The step-by-step instructions by Dukes and Duchesses emphasizes that it is a play raft and should only be used under supervision. Such a simple idea can create hours of pool time fun.
4. Floating pool cooler
Simply combine a pool noodle, plastic container, and some nylon rope for drinks that stay cool even in the hot sun. The ability to float in the pool keeps this unique drink cooler easily accessible. The cooler water of the pool will also help you ice stay around a bit longer. FaithTap shows you how to make your own floating cooler here.  
5. Spelling game
Planning Playtime knows how to repurpose those old pool noodles into a new and educational activity. Simply add letters to cut up pool noodles to create a fun spelling toy. You can even use them in the bathtub for water play year round.
6. Horsing around
These adorable horses don't require a lot of upkeep. Crafted from pool noodles, they are durable enough to go on some extended rides. Although, Buzzcuts and Ponytails created them for a birthday party, don't feel like you have to keep them on land. They would make some adorable Seahorses in your pool this summer.
7. Pool noodle games
This creative goal uses pool noodles to create hoops for a Frisbee target game. Spend time lofting a Frisbee, or even a football, through the rings. If you hit the target, it simply bounces back. Follow this simple tutorial to create your own pool noodle game for the backyard this summer.
8. Coral reef
Give your space a tropical feel with this colorful coral reef. Crafty Morning says all you need to do is to take a box cutter and get to cutting. The various shapes you create can then be glued together for a finished look.
9. Pool noodle lollipops
These adorable lollipops are awful sweet. Using pool noodles, Tanya from the Hallmark Channel creates a colorful display perfect for a birthday party or the holiday season. Follow her instructions to create your own lollipop lane.
10. The ultimate wreath
Once the weather turns colder and the summer sun is just a memory, turn your pool noodles into a majestic wreath. This huge wreath can be created out of one or more pool noodles. Sweet Pickins Furniture uses hot glue to hold the hundreds of plastic ornaments to the pool noodle wreath.
Pool noodles definitely aren't just for the pool anymore. Share these awesome pool noodle tutorials with your friends and family on Facebook!

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