This dollar store laundry basket upcycling technique is going viral

Cheap plastic laundry baskets cost next to nothing from a dollar store. Made from thin plastics of all colors, they exist in multiple purchase options. Although you can certainly use them for laundry, these projects will have you upcycling them into beautiful and functional household helpers.
Grab a basket and dump out the laundry. With a few easy-to-follow steps you can upcycle a laundry basket in the time it takes you to wash a load of clothes.
Laundry basket dresser
Perhaps the queen of all laundry basket projects is the one below by Practically Functional. Turn some simple plain laundry baskets into an entire dresser collection. This particular storage solution is used to separate whites, colors with towels, linens, and sheets. That said, this dresser can be used for more than just laundry! It works nicely as garage, attic, or basement storage.
Laundry basket table on wheels
Laundry baskets can be turned into all kinds of storage containers, but have you ever thought of taking a metal hamper and turning it into a table? This project is easy, quick and leaves you with a lovely centerpiece for your living room. What's more, if you decide you want to move it to the other side of the room — or out of the room entirely — you can! Get the full tutorial here.
Door wreath
Cut down a round plastic laundry basket to create the foundation form for a wreath. All you need is a plastic laundry basket to create a beautiful wreath of flowers. Use silk flowers to create a durable wreath for any season.
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Decorative basket
Take an ugly laundry basket from a dollar store find to custom décor with some rope and fabric. Get the full tutorial here.
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Rolling laundry basket dresser (h/t Infarrantly Creative)
This DIY is both functional and chic. With a dresser system like the below, you can easily separate whites, darks, and delicates. Plus, the rolling wheels make it very versatile.
Baby play seat
Where do you put baby to play? You can create a charming play station for baby from a laundry basket.
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Large planter
Planters can be expensive, and the bigger they are the more they cost. Luckily, an old laundry basket can save the day. Yes, believe it or not, the planter project below is made from a laundry basket. Get the full tutorial here.
Car pet bed
You want your dog to enjoy a comfortable ride on car trips. Car pet beds keep your pet secure, comforted and raised up enough to see what is going on outside of the car. Now, you can make one easily with a laundry basket!
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Hanging organizer from a laundry basket
This DIY requires nothing more than a plastic washtub, some colorful rope and ribbon to match. Once you've taken the few minutes to dress up your laundry basket, deciding where to hang it is the fun part! Put it in your children's room so they can easily reach their toys, or place it in the living room and store pillows inside like in the picture below.
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Garden washing station
Two different styles of dollar store laundry baskets combine to create a unique garden idea. Using this creative solution to wash off produce in the garden works to cool it down quickly and eliminate any little bugs that want a ride into your home.
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Laundry basket planter
Everyone has seen that basic white plastic laundry basket. It turns out that, with a little crafting magic, you can turn that boring laundry basket into a chic and manageable planter. You can still have the drainage you need with a cool design on the outside that doesn’t weigh your planter down, so you don’t have to worry about throwing out your back just to move your garden. Get the full tutorial here.
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