Don't toss out the brown bags. Here are 11 nifty ways to reuse them

Brown paper bags aren't just for your kids' lunch! And no, they don't belong in the trash or recycling! Collect those brown paper bags - big and small - and get ready for some craft time!
We've rounded up 10 projects that'll change your opinion on regular ol' brown paper bags. After reading this you may just be convinced to save them all!
1. Brown bag gift wrap
Never buy wrapping paper from the store again after checking out this sweet tutorial from Mr. Kate. There are plenty of ways to spice it up and add your own touch to your gift wrapping. The receiver will certainly remember this gift wrap more than the store-bought variety. Plus, it's an eco-friendly way to use up those paper bags and gives them a second life.
2. Easy brown bag notebook
Do you ever think of the best ideas when you have nowhere to record them? Us too! This super simple tutorial from The House That Lars Built shows you how to make a pocket-sized notebook from a brown paper bag in under 5 minutes - binding and all! Now you will always have a place to record your ideas (or just your grocery list!).
3. Paper bag vase
Aren't these planters so chic? Create beautiful vases with this tutorial from The Crazy Craft Lady and create some stunning decorations for any gathering!
4. Paper bag popcorn
Betcha didn't know that you can make your very own popcorn packets (minus all those yucky additives) by tossing kernels into a paper bag and putting it in the microwave! Get the recipe from Bless This Mess.
5. Paper bag wreath
Who thought that paper bags could look so classy?! This cute shabby chic wreath from Dream A Little Bigger is simple (and inexpensive!) to make. We like the fall-inspired additions, but think you could make it work for just about any time of year. Add flowers and butterflies in the springtime and garland and cranberries in the winter!
6. Paper bag puppets
Paper bags make the perfect vessel for your kids to create their own puppets. Spread out markers, googly eyes, craft paper, scissors, sequins and glitter, and let your children go wild! Or check out I Heart Crafty Things for inspiration!
7. Paper bag luminaries
Turn regular old paper bags into something magical by punching holes in them to create a pattern. Next, fill the bottom with sand and add a tea light. Repeat these steps until you have a magical luminary walkway!
8. Paper bag fall tree
This fun craft from Pikadilly Charm is a great way to use up those lunch bags while allowing your kiddos to use their imagination!
9. Chic gift bag
Never scramble to find a small gift bag again! Check out this tutorial from Babble and have these cute little bags at the ready for those unexpected gifts!
10. Paper bag book
Make a DIY book out of paper bags that your kids can fill up with artwork, stories and nature rubbings. Find the steps at Premeditated Leftovers.
11. Forest friend masks and fall leaf crowns
We love how this creative craft from Handmade Charlotte combines art and nature. We think your kiddos will love it too! Take it one step further and encourage them to use the animal masks as costumes for their very own forest-themed play.

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