Remember to grab clothespins when you're at Walmart next. Use theseĀ 9 brilliant ideas

Clothespins are a cheap and functional household item that keeps your clothes on the line. Maybe you've gotten creative and grabbed one to hold a chip bag closed or a bundle of papers together. These creative projects go way beyond.
From picture holders to Christmas decorations, the lowly clothespin has been upgraded to a key craft item. They are inexpensive, easy to find, and functional.
1. Picture display
Stringing wire in an old picture frame creates a lovely structure for hanging photos and mementos. In the video below, we used weathered clothespins combined with rustic wood to create a natural look. Get the full tutorial here.
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2. Earbud tamer
Earbuds always seem to become hopelessly tangled. This simple idea uses a clothespin to keep your earbuds nice and neat. In this tutorial, see how you can kick it up a notch by adding cheerful paint to the clothespin.
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3. Gorgeous vintage clips
These charming vintage clips can be a great present to a gift. The addition of vintage elements and glittery paint transforms the functional clothespin into a small work of art. Get the full tutorial here.
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4. Clothespin wreath
This cheerful wreath cost just a few dollars to create. You can use any combination of colors to fit your favorite season. Get the full tutorial here.
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5. Organize your threads
Embroidery thread can take up a surprising amount of room. Luckily, with this tutorial, you can discover how to easily organize your threads while showing off their brilliant colors.
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6. Clothespin candle holder
Combine your love of scrapbooking with clothespin crafts to create this unique candleholder. You can decorate with papers, embellishments, and stickers to match your décor. Get the full tutorial here.
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7. Clothespin scarf holder
Keep your scarves on display with this simple clothespin scarf holder. The simple design is clean and modern. Remember, you can customize yours to fit however many scarves you wish to display. Get the full tutorial here.
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8. Clothespin Christmas ornaments
These darling reindeer are somehow modern and vintage at the same time. They make for the most stunning ornaments, and they are easy to make! Get the full tutorial here.
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9. Clothespin sunburst mirror
This sunburst mirror project adds an extravagant air to any environment it occupies. It creates an unmistakably elegant mood by heightening the sophistication quotient of a bookshelf filled with the classics, or by standing proudly and beautifully on its own as an entryway wall decoration. Get the full tutorial here.
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