Turn plain pine cones to the next level with this super easy, glitzy DIY

There's nothing like a festive pine cone display to kick off the holiday season. But instead of reaching deep into your pocket to get your hands on these pretty little things, you can actually create them yourself for a fraction of the cost.
Now, you might think it's difficult to paint and glitter all the nooks and crannies on these, but we've perfected the art for you. Check out our simple do-it-yourself project to learn how to create these festive pieces for you home.
Pine cones
Spray paint
Foam brush
DIY Everywhere
1. Spray paint your pine cones
On a flat surface that you've covered in old newspapers or cardboard, start spray painting your pine cones. Split them up into two groups so you have two different colors to work with. As you paint, be sure to roll your pine cones over so that you get all sides and every nook and cranny.
2. Dip in glitter
DIY Everywhere
Let the paint dry before you handle the pine cones, otherwise, you're going to get it all over your hands. Then, grab your foam brush and paint on a thick layer of glue to your pine cones one by one. Immediately dip your pine cone into the glitter, rolling the cone around side to side so that everything is covered.
3. Place in a bowl and enjoy!
DIY Everywhere
That's it! Be sure to let your pine cones fully dry before displaying them. We like the idea of putting them in a glass jar or vase so that you don't miss any of the sparkly details.
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