Watch how easy it is to make spray painted canvas art, no art skills required

Have you ever seen something in the store and thought "I could make that"? Well, when it comes beautiful geometrically patterned art pieces, you sure can.
They aren't only super simple to make, but they're also a whole lot of fun. You can buy your favorite colored spray paints or reuse some from other projects so all you really need to buy is a canvas. These small ones work well, but you can get really creative here and use a giant canvas too.
These pieces will take you just minutes to make, but they're something you'll enjoy for years. Plus, this is a craft the kids will love and art you won't feel bad about throwing away when they grow out of it.
- Framed canvas
- String and/or tape
- Scissors
- 2 or more colors of spray paint
The string method
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Take a look at the canvas and see what kind of pattern you would like to make with string. Once you have a game plan, start laying out pieces of the string and taping them securely to the back. When you're all done, it'll look like the picture below.
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Now it's time for the fun stuff. Grab the spray paint and begin spraying over the canvas. By doing so, you'll leave pretty white lines from the string that you taped nice and tight to the canvas.
DIY Everywhere
The DIY artist here has used multiple colors to fade into an ombre-like look. You can achieve this by spraying the lightest color at one end. Spray more intensely at the starting point and bring the can up and away from the canvas as you get further away. This will create a faded effect so you can blend in darker colors as you move across the canvas. Let the paint dry before removing the string.
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The tape method
DIY Everywhere
Get the canvas and some sticky tape. Before you start putting tape on the canvas, take a minute to look at the space and think about the design you might want to create. You don't want to lift up the tape and reposition it after you place it because it could be less sticky and allow the paint to drip through. (Pro tip: Select different widths of tape to add visual interest.)
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Using the same ombre method used with the string-covered canvas, you can create this beautifully faded and rainbow look. Start with one color in a corner or at one end and build up the darkness as you travel across the canvas. Remove the tape carefully when it's dry.
DIY Everywhere
When it's all done, your DIY art piece will look something like this. There's nothing like custom pieces that not only look expensive and chic but match your color pallet perfectly.
Watch this project in action in the video below.

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