How to make DIY watercolor quote canvas art

Quotes and watercolors, does it get better than that? This is the ultimate wall art trend, but it can also be expensive. Plus, how often are you going to find your favorite quote mass produced?
Now, you can create the ultimate personalized piece of art for your home. If you're afraid of working with watercolors though, don't run away just yet. We have a trick up our sleeves that's going to help you make the most blended, faded and beautiful watercolor backdrop ever.
Curious? Check out the DIY below, and be sure to check out the video for added tips. Here's what you need to get started:
Water dropper or sponge
Watercolor paints
Plastic bag
1. Prep your canvas
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Start off by taking your dropper and squirting some water onto the canvas. This is going to help spread out your watercolors and create that beautifully washed look.
2. Begin painting with water color
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Before you start, think about the colors you want to use. Since the canvas is wet, all of your colors are going to bleed into one another. Because of this, don't use contrasting colors -- when mixed, they'll create browns or blacks.
A great rule of thumb is to stick to colors that are next to each other on the pallet or to keep a color wheel close by so you don't accidentally mix purple and orange together -- for example.
To get started, put your colors down right where you plopped your water, this is going to help blend them out. Instead of using the brush to cove the canvas though, you're going to grab the bag.
3. Press bag into the paint
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Now that your colors are painted onto the canvas, it's time to give them a fluid and washed out look. The plastic bag is going to smooth out the paint and spread the colors and water around so that you get this wonderful washed-out canvas.
Begin with the few drops of water and color you started with, then keep on building the color into the white areas and until you achieve the aesthetic you're going for. Once, it is done, let it dry.
4. Write a quote with Sharpie
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Now that your canvas is nice and dry you can write your favorite quote with a sharpie. We suggest starting out by drawing your quote out first as a practice run. Then, sketch it out on the canvas in pencil and go over it with a nice black sharpie that will contrast against your watercolor canvas.
You made art!
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Look at that! It looks like something you'd buy at the store, but for a fraction of the price and it has your favorite quote, too. Be sure to share this super simple diy with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!