12 reasons why Epsom salts will forever change the way you craft

Chances are you have a bag of Epsom salts sitting in the depths of your bathroom cabinet. These can be used for much more than simply dumping in the bathtub. Create crystals in a cinch, or make your very own spa-inspired products.
We're going to take you through some surprising ways to use Epsom salts in your crafting. Plus, we'll even throw in some recipes for spa-like bathtub soaks that are far better than just the salts on their own. You'll never look at Epsom salts the same again!
1. Sparkling luminaries
These stunning luminaries are easy to make and will add a bit of glamour to your home this winter or any time of year.
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2. Easy frosted glass
A frosted window is a perfect way to ring in the holiday season. It's easier than you may think with the help of Epsom salt.
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3. Frosted holiday centerpiece
A frosted accent piece brings a soft touch to any room in your home. Adding a new facade to a used home good is all it takes to turn an extra item in your house into a stunning centerpiece. Get the full tutorial here.
4. Christmas canning jar votive
This adorable project has a cute little peek-a-boo window through which you enjoy the flicker of a tea light sitting atop a bed of "snow" made from Epsom salts.
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5. Crystal-covered pine cones (h/t Sweet Paul)
For a classy yet super-inexpensive holiday decoration, fill a big bowl with crystal-covered pine cones.
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6. Muscle-relief bath bomb (h/t Yuri Ilkaim)
After a long day of work, nothing sounds better than a long soak. Make your bath time even more relaxing and luxurious with these DIY muscle-relief bath bomb, made of Epsom salts, essential oils, and a few other ingredients.
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7. Ice painting
Create a painting effect that looks like ice by mixing Epsom salts in water and painting the solution on a piece of black paper. This makes a great wintertime project for your kiddos!
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8. Winter paintings
For another, more colorful take on painting with Epsom salts, sprinkle the crystals on top of paint to create a sparkly crystalized effect.
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9. Spa in a cup
For a super-simple and inexpensive gift that anyone will love, get inspired by this adorable idea. This is a great idea at Christmastime, but it could be gifted at any time of year. Your friends and family will thank you!
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10. Geode bath bombs
These DIY geode bath bombs look so cool, we almost wouldn't want them to melt away in the tub.
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11. Super-soft swirl play dough
This recipe for play dough is sure to make your little ones smile! It's made with kid-safe ingredients, including Epsom salts, and looks so fun we think Mom and Dad might want to play with it a bit too!
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12. Lavender Epsom salts face & body scrub (h/t Karissa's Vegan Kitchen)
We are dreaming about how divine this recipe would smell! We imagine that in addition to smelling good, it'll leave your face and body feeling refreshed.
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