8 brilliant ways to repurpose an old PVC pipe, esp in the garden

PVC pipes are waterproof and cheap, making them the perfect material for projects in the garden. From functional to surprisingly beautiful, many of these finished projects don't resemble a PVC pipe at all!
We've put together a list of some of the best projects out there so you can start dreaming about all the ways you can give your garden a makeover on a budget. But be warned, you may have a hard time choosing which project to start with!
1. Modern garden gate
With just a glance at this artsy garden gate, nobody would ever guess you made it from PVC pipe! We love the modern touch this will bring to your yard.
2. Vertical succulent garden
With a coat of metallic spray paint and some artistic patience, you can create a stunning hanging succulent garden to hang outdoors or inside to bring some greenery into your home.
3. DIY greenhouse
Who would have thought that you could actually build your own greenhouse using PVC pipe?! This article from Door Garden includes the plans and all the steps to making your own. So how much does it cost, you ask? It's only set you back $200 if all your materials are new, and could be as little as $50 if you are upcycling materials you already have on hand!
4. Mosaic planters
Who says PVC pipes can't be pretty?! Add some mosaic tiles and beautify them for a planter you'll be proud to show off in your garden!
5. Vertical strawberry planter
This PVC planter makes the perfect home from which your favorite red berries can thrive. Find the full tutorial over at The Whoot. Strawberry pie, anyone?!
6. PVC pipe sprinkler
You can build a sprinkler from a PVC pipe?! Yes, ma'am! Follow the instructions from Square Foot Gardening to create your very own sprinkling grid made from none other than PVC pipe! Your plants will thank you!
7. Standing succulent garden
It's impossible not to love succulents! Make your own mini garden featuring these cuties! Stone textured spray paint transforms a regular old piece of PVC pipe into a work of art. Follow the instructional video from Hoosier Homemade to create your very own piece of surprising garden art!
8. DIY cabana
We can't imagine a better way to enjoy your garden than beneath a beautiful backyard cabana. Yes, you can build your own piece of paradise easier than you think using PVC pipes. Find the step-by-step instructions over at Sunset.
Are you convinced that PVC pip may be just what your garden needs? Us too! Share this with all your friends with a "green thumb" to convince them too!

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