10 brilliant ideas for DIY planters at home

When summer gets into full swing, most people are busy weeding their gardens and keeping the pests away. But what about those of us who procrastinate and take a little longer to plant flowers and vegetables? If you're a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to exercising your green thumb, maybe you just need a bit of inspiration. Instead of planting a regular garden this summer, why not try a unique container?
You no longer need to buy expensive planters to display plants. Instead, try using items that are collecting dust around your house or garage. Making these planters will save time and money, and you'll have a garden that looks completely original.
Wheelbarrow planter
Some of us probably have an old wheelbarrow collecting dust in the back of the sheds or garage. It never gets used, but for some reason we keep it around. Now you have a reason to bust it out, paint it, fill it with potting soil and turn it into a portable planter.
Metal bucket planter
Old metal buckets tend to become an in-the-way eyesore if they don't have a specific purpose. Instead of letting them sit around, turn them into planters. You can use them individually or connect them to create a ladder effect with plants. Get the full tutorial at Cottage at the Crossroads.
Birdhouse planter
A simple wooden birdhouse from the craft store can offer some decor for your home or garden. Add craft sticks and succulents to that birdhouse to create a planter that will make all of your guests look twice and say, "wow." Get the full tutorial here.
Birdcage planter
If your pet bird has long flown the coop, take advantage of the cage left behind. Instead of selling it at a garage sale or giving it away, create a planter. Add peat moss to hold in plants and set up the bird cage to watch over your garden as a hanging planter. Get the full tutorial here.
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Watering can planter
When you think of a watering can, you probably assume you'll be using one to water plants in the garden. Although this is a perfectly reasonable assumption, you can also branch out a bit. Instead of using the watering can to help nurture plants, you can actually grow plants inside one, as shown in the project below by Ann's Entitled Life.
Laundry basket planter
If you've ever had a graduation party or wedding shower, your ratio of laundry baskets to dirty clothes is probably about 10 to 1. No one needs that many laundry baskets, right? Instead of re-gifting one to your next college-bound nephew, wrap it in some cute burlap, fill it with dirt and plant some of your favorite flowers or edibles inside. Strawberry plants are one option that will thrive in this type of planter.
Cinder block planter
Depending on how big you want to make this planter, it might take a little longer to set up than some of the others. You can paint the cinder blocks with any designs you want to fit the color scheme of the garden. If you would like to stack the blocks, this planter idea works best if you can set it up in a corner or against a wall for extra support. Get the full tutorial here.
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Tire planter
Too many tires end up abandoned on the side of the highway or taking up space in the dump. What if you could use those tires in a way that helps the environment? With the help of a handsaw, you can! Following these instructions, you can turn an old tire into a hanging planter in just a few easy steps. This DIY project can be hung indoors or outside.
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Drawer planter
Old furniture has many uses, but did you realize you can put it in your garden? If you have a dresser you no longer need, you can easily turn the drawers into planters. This project works for both larger and smaller drawers. For full step-by-step instructions, check out this tutorial.
DIY Everywhere
With all of these thrifty and creative ideas, you no longer have an excuse to put off getting your hands a little dirty in the garden. Head outside and get to work making your yard beautiful. But before you go, share this list with fellow plant enthusiasts to give them some new ideas.
Colander planter
Did you know you can make a planter out of random items in your kitchen. Check out the project below by To Work With My Hands. You can use an old candle stand, a plate and a colander to make a planter that looks different from traditional ones and doesn't take up much space. To give the planter a more uniform look, give it a quick coat of paint.