10 brilliant tips for organizing your craft room

Crafting can often get messy. You have so many supplies, multiple projects, and not enough time to organize. However, creating an inspiring and organized craft room can boost your creativity and production.
Put your creativity to work and spend a bit of time crafting the perfectly organized craft room. These tutorials will inspire and help you find budget friendly options for an amazing craft room.
1. Use creative containers
This unique, vintage look was inspired by the items Kelli at Lolly Jane already owned. Her mother's 30 year old mason jars become a focal point for holding small craft items. Vintage suitcases and rustic crates hold larger items in front of a bright yellow and white  herringbone pattern. This craft room bookshelf could hold everything you need in one location to create beautiful crafts.
2. Create a corner craft station
If you are limited on space, make every bit count. This elegant design by Unskinny Boppy creates a small, but elegant craft room tucked in the corner of a room. A hanging lamp gives light while towel rod hangers keep items, such as markers and paints, off the counter. There are more inspirational pictures here.
3. Use space wisely
Cloth or plastic containers fit well in shelves and maximize your craft storage space. Tucked into a closet or bookshelf, these handy storage containers hold markers, stickers, paint brushes, and everything else you need for creative projects. Including labels makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Get the full tutorial at The Homes I Have Made.
4. Go for a spin
Some craft supplies are used so frequently that storing them away in a closet or container makes no sense. Use a Lazy Susan to organize your favorite items on your crafting table. You can spin it around to easily access your craft tools. Find more ideas here for efficiently using every bit of space in your craft room.
5. Make it mobile
Many crafters work on several different types of projects. Organize your supplies in these handy rolling carts from Ikea. Laura took two Ikea Raskog carts and painted them to match her space. She then filled them with her craft supplies for craft stations she can take with her to any room.
6. Repurpose a crate
This crate ottoman offers the best of both worlds: It offers plenty of storage for craft supplies you want to store away, and it functions as a super cute decor piece for your craft room. Get the full tutorial here.
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7. Store your vinyl
You may love crafting with adhesive vinyl, but wonder where to store all the rolls. This adhesive vinyl storage solution keeps your vinyl in it's natural role, yet on display to fuel your creativity. A few woodworking tools and this tutorial from Create & Babble will help you create one for your own craft room.
8. Organize scrapbook paper
Scrapbook paper seems to multiply quickly. A simple and inexpensive scrapbook storage solution is to repurpose cardboard boxes. In this case, cardboard boxes were stacked to help organize scrapbook paper. Washi tape was used to give it some flair. Get the full tutorial at In My Own Style.
9. Hang it up
Honeybear Lane designed a beautiful and functional craft space with the help of a peg board. Trimming it out with a frame creates a focal point for the room. Buckets, baskets, and paper-filled dowel rods hang from hardware store hangers. You can see more of this tidy craft room here.
10. Put a lid on it
Ribbons, yarn, and twine easily become tangled when left in a drawer or a box. Create beautiful mason jar twine storage by adding a bolt to hold rolls of twine in a jar. The easy tutorial showcases beautiful pictures of well organized twine. All you need is a mason jar wide enough for the roll of twine.
A beautiful space calls to you to sit down and craft something fabulous. Use these creative organization ideas to build a craft room that inspires. Share the craft room love with your friends and family on Facebook!

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