Don't throw out your cookie tray. Here are 10 nifty ideas instead

Cookie trays seem to wear out quickly. They scratch and quickly lose their non-stick abilities. You hate to throw them away because they still seem so useful. Many people simply cover them with foil and keep using them.
Treat yourself to a new cookie tray and upcycle your used cookie sheet into a creative and functional piece of art. These helpful tutorials can even be used with thrift store and dollar store cookie sheets.
1. Fabric serving tray
This expensive-looking fabric serving tray costs very little when you use a cheap cookie tray as the foundation. It will be sturdy enough to handle a full breakfast in bed and attractive enough to display on your coffee table. Bright Nest shows you how to create your own cookie sheet serving tray here.
2. Child's travel tray
Keep your children happy on road trips by providing them with a sturdy surface for playing, coloring, and eating in the car. This cookie sheet travel tray features a whimsical fabric-covered cushion to provide height and comfort. The tray can easily be wiped off with wet wipes for a nice, clean surface. The tutorial by Two Sisters Crafting features step-by-step photos.
3. Mosaic summer tray
The perfect tray for taking cold drinks outside, this mosiac tray features blue and green mosaic pieces. If you look closely, it even has a message for you. The creation process involves gently smashing tiles and then piecing them together for a new look. The tray easily wipes clean. You can create your own summer mosaic tray by following this tutorial.
4. Cookie tray bulletin board
Don't hide the fact that your beautiful and functional bulletin board started its life as a cookie sheet. Leaving the edges of the cookie sheet exposed creates an upcycled look. Better Homes and Gardens considers this easy project a 1-hour or less task. All you need is some glue, heavy wrapping paper, and magnets.
5. Fabric memo board
This fabric memo board features a nostalgic feel. Colorful paint complements the fabric insert. Sadie Seasongoods recommends a coat of Modge Podge to protect both the fabric and the painted edge. She even crafted unique magnets using vintage finds.
6. Cookie sheet chore chart
Keep your children on task with this adorable magnetic chore chart. Goodwill shows you here how to keep your kids on task with items purchased at a thrift store. Stickers, a bit of paint, magnets, and an old cookie sheet will have your kids rushing to get their chores done.
7. DIY Boot Tray
Muddy, wet boots now have an attractive home with this lovely upcycled cookie sheet. Simply pour polished riverstones into a deep cookie sheet to create an easy boot tray. My Frugal Adventures purchased the rocks at the Dollar Store for only $6 for this project. What an inexpensive way to keep your floors clean.
8. Kitchen command center
Meal planning is easy when you have this convenient "board" for keeping track of your meals and shopping. Crafty Staci flipped her cookie sheet over and used chalkboard paint to create a writing surface. She added magnetic containers and a magnetic shopping list to the center.
9. Magnetic learning board
A magnetic alphabet can provide hours of fun for toddlers learning to recognize letters and words. However, they can actually scratch the surface of your fridge. Create a fun alphabet match game that won't damage your refrigerator by using a cookie sheet. Visit the We Can Do All Things blog for more fun portable learning station ideas.
10. Cookie tray gingerbread man
Combine several tins and cookie trays to create this festive holiday gingerbread man. Mollie's Mom shows you here how she crafted this creative décor using paint and lots of glitter. The cookie tray in the middle features a chalkboard surface for creating your own message.
These creative tutorials will have you making a batch of cookies and then using the tray to create a functional piece for your home. Share these cookie tray ideas with your friends and family on Facebook!
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