Got an old spice rack hanging around? Here are 8 cool ways to repurpose it

Spice racks are often found in antique stores and thrift shops. What once held precious spices and herbs are now considered outdated to some extent. Design shows never feature a kitchen with a traditional wooden spice rack hanging on the wall.
But crafters know what designers may not - spice racks are a wonderful organization tool. They can hold so many items in a beautiful and creative way. Let these tutorials inspire you to upcycle your old spice rack into a unique storage solution.
1. Display your sprinkles
Keep your spice rack in the kitchen with this shabby chic vintage find. Bakers love their sprinkles. Put them on display by white washing an old spice rack with doors. Glass spice bottles hold the colorful sprinkles until you are ready to decorate a cupcake or two.
2. Take it with you
Not all spice racks are designed for walls. Spice towers designed for holding glass jars turn out to be a perfect fit for acrylic paint bottles. Meredith at The Palette Muse uses one as a creative paint caddy. She painted it and added a handle so she can take it wherever she feels the inspiration to paint.
3. Organize your bottles
Colorful wooden spice racks make the perfect wall organizer for paint of all sizes, glue, and other craft mediums. Molly found her spice racks at thrift shops and yard sales. She found that large bottles of acrylic paint will fit in the top shelf, while small bottles nestle perfectly on the bottom. Her tutorial here suggests you prime before painting.
4. Store your ribbons
This ribbon storage solution uses Ikea spice racks to both display and organize ribbon. The way the rolls of ribbon sit in the spice rack allows you to spool off a bit of ribbon in the rack or remove the ribbon to use elsewhere in your craft room. There isn't a step-by-step tutorial, but 7 Layer Studio does explain the process for creative this unique Ikea hack.
5. Make a bookshelf
Ikea spice racks form the perfect shelves for displaying children's books. These small shelves hang neatly on the wall and eliminate the worry of a large bookshelf in your little one's room. A coat of bright paint and you'd never know they were originally inexpensive spice racks. A Baby on Board calls it the simplest Ikea hack she knows.
6. Button it up
A coat of clean white paint transforms a vintage spice rack into a shabby chic button storage. Perfect for the well organized seamstress, this upcycled spice rack holds all your buttons, hooks, and snaps in lovely glass jars. Use the drawers for zippers or other small sewing notions. There is no tutorial, but you can find before and after pictures here.
7. Make it sparkle
Glass spice jars with copper lids make excellent containers for sparkling glitters. The addition of Scrabble tiles add a whimsical touch to this very basic spice rack. Objects of Affection uses this spice rack turned glitter storage over her jewelry crafting table.
8. Polish it up
Nail polish comes in so many beautiful colors that its a shame to hide them away. Put them on display in this upcycled spice rack. The distressed details create a worn appearance that fits perfectly with Curb Alert's decor. Her tutorial uses Annie Sloan chalk paint to create this unique storage solution.
Spice racks are perfect for holding a wide variety of small items. These inspiring ideas will help you get organized in no time at all. Share how you upcycle with friends and family on Facebook!

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