13 fantastic ways to upcycle cabinets nobody ever told you

You might be tired of those old dated cabinets in your kitchen, but there is a way to salvage them and create something new. Afterall, that is some pretty decent wood to work with!
We've scoured the web and found some simple do-it-yourself projects that utilize entire cabinets to create functional new pieces of furniture, as well as some crafts that transform the doors into useful items and statement pieces. There are even some projects that create awesome play spaces for the kids.
For those of you who aren't in the middle of a kitchen renovation, don't fret. You can find cabinets like these at second-hand shops and yard sales all the time -- and for cheap. After checking out this list, we're sure you'll be trying to find some yourself.
1. Kids craft table
With a little TLC, some wooden feet and a fresh coat of paint you can easily create this kids craft station. It's perfect for small spaces or those kids who don't like sitting at a traditional desk.
2. Kids play kitchen
Turn those old cabinets into tiny little cabinets your kids will love and cherish. Depending on what kind of cabinets you have to work with you can play around with the 'kitchen' layout. But we just can't get enough of this adorable DIY!
3. Add molding
Instead of buying all new cabinets, upgrade your look. Decor and the Dog shows you how to transform your boring flat cabinets into custom creations that will look like they were just installed by a professional.
4. A bench
Take a line of old top cabinets and turn them into some useful storage. You can now stuff those cabinets with shoes, baskets full of hats and scarves and even the kid's backpacks.
5. Console table
Turn that old row of cabinets into something new and useful by breathing new life into them. My Fabuless Life shows you how simply adding a fresh coat of paint, some pretty new handles and a wooden top create a totally customized piece of furniture for your home.
6. Chalkboard
By just taking the cabinet door off of its old hinges, you can now use it as a chalkboard surface. The creative blogger Holly Baker says all you're going to need is chalkboard paint and possibly some new trim color to brighten this piece up.
7. Headboard
What an awesome idea! Turn those old, tired cabinets into a beautiful headboard for your bedroom. You can paint them however you like, but we love the crisp white from Jen Thousand Words.
8. Mug holder
Transform an old cabinet into this cute little mug holder by Home Right. We love how you're reusing a kitchen cabinet for something that ends right back up in the kitchen, too!
9. Decorative wall art
Use an old cabinet to create a piece of wall art or to simply stencil your favorite saying. We love the dimension on this cabinet, and if you have cabinets like this you could also use that molding to create a built-in frame for your art.
10. Mail holder
Can you tell we love these cabinet door crafts? If you have a bunch of cabinets to get rid of, you can really use these old doors all over the house. We love this mail holder -- toss your letters in the basket, add a hook for keys, and even a chalkboard for notes.
11. A picture frame
Those big picture frames can be pricey! Luckily, Jen Thousand Words shows you that you can turn your old kitchen cabinets into a beautiful frame worthy of being hung front-and-center in your home.
12. Dining room sideboard
This sideboard looks like it came out of a shabby-chic magazine, but, it was actually created by a Pinterest user in a crafty DIY. Kara Mcentire replaced part of the front cabinets with chicken wire -- you could do glass or anything else -- then added some nice table legs to the bottom. After that, all you need to do is add a new top and paint it. Genius!
13. A floating shelf
Do you have one of those old shelves hanging off the ends of your cabinets? Turn that dated piece into a floating shelf by simply turning it on its side and adding a fresh coat of paint.
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