Egg trays may not be pretty. Look at 15 ways to upcycle them instead

Egg cartons are among those unique containers we accumulate in our kitchens but often throw out because they just don't seem as useful as plastic tubs or glass jars. While you might not be able to reuse them in your kitchen, you can definitely reuse them in the playroom or classroom.
Cheap, easy to work with and highly paintable, egg cartons make the ideal craft material for young kids looking to have fun and get a little messy. Need some inspiration to get started? Eat some eggs, gather the kids and check out this bright and colorful list of projects.
1.Egg carton flowers
Egg cartons have a special shape. When cut into pieces, their components can be transformed into many different forms and configurations. This tutorial takes the cups for the eggs and turns them into a lovely bouquet of flowers that moms will adore.
2. Egg carton jellyfish
As summer approaches, it's hard not to have your mind on warm ocean breezes. Have the kids decorate the classroom in a fun, seaside theme with these adorable beaded jellyfish. To dive into this project, click the link here.
3. Cute caterpillar
The children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic loved by children and parents alike. Next time you sit down to read to the kids, try to incorporate this fun DIY caterpillar project to go with the story. Once they have their handmade caterpillar, they may even try acting out the story with their friends.
4. Ladybugs
Even caterpillars need a little company. If you've finished #3 on this list, give your caterpillars a companion by making these ladybugs out of egg carton cups and pipe cleaners. Step by step instructions can be found here.
5. Mess-free paint holder
Chances are, if you're completing the projects on this list, you're using a lot of paint. While making your egg carton-inspired projects, you can even use those cartons to store your paint. Read how by visiting Mom Dot.
6. Ocean in an egg carton
Here is another fun, ocean-themed project to try out. This project allows for lots of imagination and room to get creative. Try making these colorful little environments by visiting The Imagination Tree.
7. Egg carton bus
Doll cars can be pricey. Save money on buying that pink plastic convertible by teaching your kids how to make and customize their own cars instead. With some egg cartons, paint and plastic caps, those dolls and stuffed animals will be ready for their road trip. Visit Free Kids Crafts for the instructions.
8. Colorful butterfly
How cute is this colorful butterfly? Crafty Morning has created this craft project that's perfect for spring. Have the kids pick out their favorite colors and get started with an abstract look or even detailed wings inspired by nature.
9. Beautiful mermaid dolls
Looking at these fantastic mermaid dolls, you would never guess they were made out of egg cartons! This amazing project by Art Camp LA proves that even the simplest materials can be transformed into something spectacular.
10. Tiny cars
This project by The Pinterested Parent would be perfect for children who love miniature train tracks and or enjoy creating their own little towns. Combine this project with #7 on this list and get on board!
11. Rain cloud mobile
If you are an expectant mother or father, you might be looking for affordable ways to decorate your nursery. Look no further than this absolutely precious rain cloud mobile made out of a cereal box and egg cartons. Click here to see the materials and instructions.
12. Cherry blossoms
This pretty cherry blossom project combines the natural with the man-made, and the result couldn't be any more charming. Try out this project by Raising Whasians at home or in the classroom to make some adorable decorations that will brighten the room.
13. Colorful geodes
This project would be perfect for Earth Day or as an activity to accompany a science lesson. Teach kids about geodes and then try to make some of your own by reading the instructions at Family and Craft Online.
14. Ice cream cones
Who doesn't love ice cream as a tasty way to beat the summer heat? Next hot summer day, cool down with an ice cream treat and try making these nifty play ice cream cones by In the Playroom.
15. Seed starter for kids
After you've gotten your fair share of sweets by finishing up #14 on this list, try something a little healthier by teaching kids how to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Learn how to make seed-starting kits by visiting Rain or Shine Mamma.
We know you're inspired after reading all of these amazing craft ideas. Don't forget to share the inspiration with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest!