Check out 12 astonishing ways to revamp old books instead

If you're an avid reader, a growing library can be exciting — but if you live in a small apartment, a growing library can become one of your biggest challenges. When you no longer have room on your shelf and the stack on your bedside table is about to topple over, think twice before you start giving those books away.
Whether the book just wasn't that interesting or it is in very poor condition, passing it on to a friend or tossing it in the recycling bin aren't your only options. There are endless ways to upcycle those old novels you have lying around. Find a little bit of time and a lot of glue, and check out some of the creative tutorials below!
1. Homemade book clutch
Add this homemade book clutch to any outfit to make an unusual fashion statement. Find the in-depth tutorial here.
2. DIY book letters
While having books around your house can be a decorative choice in and of itself, this bold home decor will save you a little more space. These lovely letters made out of book pages would look great in a child's room, the kitchen, or even the living room. Just pick your word and get to work.
3. Book paper roses
Red roses are romantic, white roses are pure, and yellow roses are joyful. The next time you buy roses for your honey, though, think outside the traditional bouquet by opting for these beautiful book page roses instead.
4. Book paper pumpkins
Whether you're planning a Thanksgiving party or simply want to decorate your home in the spirit of autumn, this paper pumpkin makes an adorable display.
5. Vintage Book Clock
While most of us turn to our phones rather than an analog clock for the time, maintaining a mix of new and old technology is nice. This vintage book clock will give your living room that perfect old-time feel.
6. Book page magnolia wreath
If you love to go all out on the Christmas decorations, this tutorial is for you. Rip out pages from old books to create this stunning magnolia wreath, and your next Christmas party will be all the more interesting.
7. Hidden storage
Perhaps you want to save space by getting rid of some of your books, but you also love how books look on your shelf. With this hidden storage idea, you can have both. Give off the illusion of a room filled with books as you store things that might not be as nice to look at.
8. Book planter
Plants are a great way to bring life and color to any room — and so are books! Grab a knife, a book and your favorite succulents, and head over to My Fair Linda to learn how to craft these adorable planters.
9. Book lamp
This tutorial requires vintage hardback books to create this rustic book lamp. Outdated encyclopedias and dictionaries would work perfectly.
10. Repurposed book flower
Because of paper's versatility, you can get really creative with book crafts and — with enough effort — transform pages into virtually any shape. This repurposed book flower by Designed Decor is just one of many examples of the incredible things you can do.
11. Book page vase
Let's say you've finished #3 on this list, and now you need a place to store those beautiful roses you made. Make a gorgeous vase for your flowers with the pages you have left over.
12. Mail organizer
Save space and stay organized with this super-helpful mail organizer. It will get your mail pile off of your kitchen table and into nice, organized slots.
Which one will you make first? Be sure to share this list with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest so they can transform their books, too!

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