15 brilliant ways to save old jewelry you wish you knew sooner

Old jewelry, broken jewelry, antique jewelry found at flea markets, you name it, they can be repurposed instead of tossed away. Jewelry is great to reuse because you can create such amazing pieces by combining different pieces together.
From ribbon necklaces to bookmarks to magnets, we are sure there is a project just right for you. Here is a list of 15 amazing tutorials. Check them out!
1. Brooch ribbon necklace
Treat yourself with this amazing brooch ribbon necklace that is uniquely stylish. Start with a handful of old jewelry pieces and spray paint if needed. Link them together and add pretty pastel pink ribbon. Done! You've got yourself a new statement piece that didn't tear a hole in your wallet. Check out Martha Stewart for more inspiration.
2. Bracelet using bracelet blanks
Bracelet blanks are bracelets that have unfinished areas or blank spaces that you can glue objects onto to create a finished bracelet. By using bracelet blanks from your old jewelry, you can create a new bracelet, like this one by Disfunctional Designs. Click this link for more inspiration.
3. Wind chime
Gather your old jewelry and create a wind chime which would look perfect hanging in your patio. No need to spend a lot of money on a new piece of outdoor decor when you can reuse your old jewelry to make your own. For more inspiration, check this out.
4. Ribbon charm bookmark
These ribbon charm bookmarks make great inexpensive gift ideas for family and friends. With some velvet ribbon and a charm from your old jewelry, you can create this unique pieces by following this tutorial by Country Living.
5. Button rings
If you have any vintage jewelry and buttons collecting dust, turn them into button rings. Check out the quick and easy tutorial here to get started.
6. Pot planter
This project is perfect if you have a big selection of jewelry that you want to repurpose. By disassembling your jewelry and arranging them onto a concrete flower pot with a strong adhesive, you can create this amazing piece to display your flowers. For more inspiration, click here.
7. Magnets
In need of new fridge magnets? Turn your old jewelry pieces into magnets by gluing a magnet to the backside. Easy! For more details, check out the tutorial by One Pretty Thing.
8. Drawer pulls
Do you have any big statement pieces of jewelry around? Turn them into drawer pulls such as this one by Lovely Etc. This project only takes five minutes so it is perfect for those who are time limited, but the results look fantastic! Here is the tutorial to get started.
9. Christmas tree in a frame
This Christmas tree in a frame is a great gift idea for the holiday season. All you need is some old jewelry, a picture frame, and strong adhesive. For more inspiration, click here.
10. Antique statement necklace
Instead of tossing out your old jewelry, gather your statement pieces and join them together to create a 'new' antique piece. We love this one in particular! Get creative and be sure to check out this for some inspiration.
11. Bobby pins
We all know the pain of the missing earring, and the broken earrings. Instead of throwing them out, make fashionable bobby pins by attaching the earring piece onto a bobby pin using a strong adhesive. For more inspiration, click here.
12. Brooch bouquets
Do you have a lot of old brooches that you are contemplating of throwing out? Don't! Here is an amazing project for you to do to repurpose your brooches to create this lovely bouquet. Perfect for displaying in your home or even as a wedding bouquet that is everlasting. Check out this tutorial here.
13. Jewelry mirror
Make over your mirror by attaching your old jewelry pieces to the border such as the picture below. Look how amazing it looks! Check this out for more inspiration.
14. Beanie
This project is our favourite! Beanies are essential for the winter season but let's step up our beanie game by decorating it with jewelry. You will need a beanie, broken or old jewelry, and a thread and needle. Check this out for the full tutorial.
15. Jeweled corsage bracelets
Remember when clip on earrings were in? Maybe the trend will come back but in the meantime, instead of tossing them out, repurpose them to create these jeweled corsage bracelets. Here is the tutorial to get you started.
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