Don't dump out tires. Check out 15 ingenious ways to save them instead

Old tires are a waste of space and can be detrimental to the environment when they are dumped in landfill. With this in mind, scour your home for old tires. Instead of tossing them out, find ways to repurpose them.
We have searched the internet for the best DIY projects to turn your old tires into new treasures. Check out the list below! We have something for everyone.
1. Tire climbing tower
This easy DIY project is perfect for those who have kids. With warm weather on the way, outdoor playtime cannot get any better! The Thrifty Couple shows us how to reuse old tires to create a fantastic and fun masterpiece for kids.
2. Tire totter
Another great project for those who have kids is this amazing tire totter. With some paint, you can transform an old tire into something far more good-looking. Check out the full tutorial here.
3. Wishing well
Need a new garden project? Test your hands at making your own DIY wishing well that can display your flowers. Grab a couple of old tires and paint them in whatever color you wish. Stack them up, drill some holes, and add a roof. Voila! You have your own wishing well. Don't forget to add flowers for the finishing touch. Click here for more inspiration.
4. Tetherball set
Need another kid-friendly activity? Your old tire can be put to good use to create a tetherball set that is both fun and inexpensive. This project is great to entice kids to get outdoors to get their daily Vitamin D and stay active. Check out the detailed tutorial here.
5. Spill proof dog bowl
A perfect project for canine owners who understand the frustration when their four-legged friends figure out the joy of tipping their bowls over. Not to worry, Rural Mom has the perfect solution for you all: use an old tire to create a spill-proof dog bowl.
6. Tire seating
Interior design is a big trend on the internet. We see so many inspiring designs for nurseries and playrooms that we want to replicate them all because they are oh-so-amazing. To add to the interior design trend, have you considered making unique seats that you won't be able to find in the shops? Grab an old tire and follow this tutorial by Home Talk.
7. Coffee table
If you are in need of an outdoor coffee table, this is the project for you. This retro look is perfect if you want to add a splash of color to your home. Check out the easy and simple tutorial here.
8. Garden planters
These colorful garden planters are made out of old tires, which are revamped with a splash of paint. These would look amazing in your garden and a fantastic place to home your beloved blooms. Click this link to find the in-depth tutorial.
9. Dog bed
Treat your four legged friend with their very own dog bed. In many instances, the price tags are high for a good quality dog bed but this tutorial by Practically Functional will teach you to reuse your old tire to create this amazing bed that is both inexpensive and comfortable.
10. Snowman
It is not too early to get prepared for the holiday season. Create these adorable snowmen made from your old tires, which would be a perfect decoration for your home to get into the jolly spirit. Check out the tutorial here.
11. Teacup planters
Bring your planters up a level to create these cute teacup planters. This project opens up a whole new world of possibilities as you can use your imagination to create whatever design you want. Grab some inspiration here from Wonderful DIY before you get started.
12. Hanging flower planters
This stunning flower planter would look great in any garden to create a rustic look. Follow this tutorial by Home Talk on how to reuse your old tire to create this lovely piece.
13. Tire table
This DIY project is perfect for adding a new sentimental treasure to your home. By reusing an old tire and following these instructions by While They Snooze, you can create a table which would look perfect in living room or even as a bedside table.
14. Rope planter
We absolutely love the minimal look of this rope planter! This is the perfect project for gardening enthusiasts who want to makeover their landscape. Check out the full tutorial by Addicted 2 DIY to get started.
15. Garden basket
Last, but not least, here is another project perfect for the garden. This DIY garden basket is made from your old tire and a piece of sturdy rope. It's cheap to make and highly durable. Follow the tutorial here to get started.
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