Wrap twine around a cheese grater. You'll be impressed by this easy DIY that'll brighten any room

This charming project from DIY Everywhere is the perfect way to spruce up an empty kitchen wall. You could even hang it on your front porch or in a guest bathroom for a little country-modern twist.
One of the things I love about this project is how easy it is to customize (and budget). You can easily repurpose items you have on hand and still get a stunning decoration.
A metal box food grater
5 wood stakes
hot glue
DIY Everywhere
1. Use hot glue to secure the wood stakes together, side-by-side. The pointy-end of the stakes should all be facing the same direction. Set aside for a moment.
DIY Everywhere
2. Measure your twine/rope and tie a pretty bow around the grater. (When it's finished, the handle of the grater will face downwards, so make sure to tie your bow with the ends of the string facing toward the handle.)
DIY Everywhere
3. Use hot glue to secure your grater to the wood stakes. The pointy ends of the stake are the top of the project. The handle of your food grater should point down, as you'll use the kitchen gadget as a container for your flowers.
DIY Everywhere
4. After allowing the glue to dry, arrange flowers as desired. You can use live flowers (they are easy to swap out when they die) or fake flowers.
DIY Everywhere
5. Trim stems as needed, and secure with a rubber band to hold in place. If you want, attach a hook to the back of the boards before attaching the rest of your project, so you can hang it on the wall.
DIY Everywhere
This sweet decoration is a great way to display flowers. If you get creative you could even use this to store fresh herbs (with a small basin of water tucked inside the food grater).
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