12 surprising ways to reuse old sweaters you wish you knew sooner

When unpacking a box of sweaters, you're bound to find some that just aren't your style anymore, or maybe one with a pretty substantial hole that you've been hesitant to toss out. The good news is when you get to that ill-fitting sweater that has sentimental value, you don't have to throw it away. Instead, transform it into something new that you or a loved one can use and appreciate throughout all seasons.
Keep reading to get started on 12 incredible projects that make use of old sweaters.
1. Old sweater, new mittens
If you have children, you know how hard it can be to keep track of mittens. Between leaving them at school or losing them on the bus, mittens are one of those things that always seem to mysteriously disappear. Next time you need new mittens, try to make your own with this handy tutorial.
2. Sweater bag
Perhaps the sweater isn't quite your style anymore, but what if that same sweater is transformed into an incredibly chic bag? This bag by Sew Over It is so versatile and would be a stylish accent to any fall or winter outfit.
3. Pet bed
Just because the sweater doesn't fit you anymore doesn't mean it can't be useful to someone else — especially if that special someone happens to be your fur baby. Don't forget the pets in the family this Christmas because this pet bed would make the perfect cozy gift. Learn how by clicking here.
4. Throw pillow
Sweaters are by far the comfiest thing that you can wear out of the house. They make you feel warm and cozy. If you follow this amazing tutorial by Viva Veltoro, you'll be just as cozy on your couch as you would be wearing that sweater out.
5. Lamp shade
This project by Unskinny Boppy might be a little unconventional but gosh darn, it's adorable. Give your house a warm winter makeover by adding these simple but elegant lampshades throughout your living room.
6. Throw blanket
When you are done sewing the throw pillows on this list, try this one next. This project by Freshly Found is useful for those who have a ton of old sweaters that they no longer wish to wear. Once you wrap this blanket around you and sit next to the fireplace, you will never want to leave.
7. Coffee cozy
This super simple but super cute project is just right for an environmentalist who can't pass up that morning latte. Save some paper and trees by passing up the cardboard coffee cozy, and instead opt for this adorable knitted one. Read the full tutorial here.
8. Cozy gift wrap
Skip buying more gift wrap paper this year, and take this cozy spin on gift wrap that's especially appropriate in colder weather. For more inspiration, check out this project at Boxwood Clippings.
9. Cuff bracelet
Sweaters are very versatile materials that can be transformed into almost anything. With this tutorial, you can turn one sweater into tons of cuff bracelets. Keep them all to yourself or gift them to friends.
10. Christmas stockings
Who doesn't appreciate a hand-knitted Christmas stocking? With this project by Imperfect Homemaking, you can skip the whole knitting step and immediately have that hand-crafted look for the holidays.
11. Sweater vase
Keep flowers looking cozy and cute by giving plain glass vases a much-needed winter makeover. Learn how; check out this easy tutorial by Premeditated Leftovers.
12. Upcycled socks
Last but not least, and definitely one of the most useful tutorials for everyone, is sweater socks. Never underestimate the power of quality socks. With this tutorial, you'll never get cold feet again.
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