Don't chuck out old pickle jars. Here are 16 ways to upcycle them instead

Whether they are filled with food, storing utensils or used as decoration, glass jars are some of the most useful things to keep around the house. If you can't live without pickles or grape jelly, jars can accumulate fast. However, make sure you keep them instead of tossing them out.
You never know when a glass jar could come in handy. They're perfect for all sorts of things such as organizing a bathroom, decorating for parties and even lighting up the garden. Keep reading to see some amazing projects and hopefully gain some inspiration to start your own.
No crochet or knitting required: Jute macrame jar DIY with an old jar
Place the finished jars onto a table as part of a centerpiece, or fill them with small ornaments, twinkle lights or pine cones and line them up on the mantel. You don't have to know how to crochet or knit for this simple jute DIY project. Get the full tutorial here.
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If your kitchen needs some extra storage, save some money by making some canisters instead of buying them from the store. Within minutes, you'll have efficient, handmade canisters to store rice or sugar. Get the full tutorial here.
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Twig candle from old jar
Sometimes, the best craft materials can be found right in your backyard, literally. Although using twigs as a craft material may seem unconventional, they provide a simplistic and rustic look, all without costing anything. Get the full tutorial here.
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Picnic utensil caddy
This utensil caddy would be ideal for outdoor cooking or a picnic. Get the full tutorial here.
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Pendant light from old jar
Elegant light fixtures can be expensive, especially trendy pendant lights like this one. However, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get a light that you love. Instead, upcycle an old jar and make one yourself. You'll save a ton of money, and you'll have fun. Get the full tutorial here.
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Lacy jars
Lace and burlap can add a chic rustic touch to your old pickle jars. They make for the perfect floral accent. Get the full tutorial here.
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Toothbrush holder
Where do you keep your toothbrush right now? If you don't already have a toothbrush holder, you should make one. If you already have one, swap it out with a new one that has shabby chic charm. Get the full tutorial here.
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Bird feeder
Old pickle jars are often used to store human food, but did you know they're a way to feed birds as well? Transform an old pickle jar into a bird feeder to keep feathered friends fed and flocking to your yard. Get the full tutorial here.
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Distressed vase
Sometimes the simplest DIY projects are the one that make the biggest impact. This vase is a staple decor item for any shabby chic room. Simply choose any color that matches the existing decor, and you can make this craft in a short amount of time. Get the full tutorial here.
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Hanging planters
No list of jar projects in complete without a planter. Jars are so useful in both indoor and outdoor gardens. Get the full tutorial here.
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Pumpkin jars
When the weather begins to turn cold, it's fun to decorate for fall. These little old jar pumpkins are an easy way to add some fall vibes to your home. The key to making these decorations chic rather than tacky? Use a subdued orange color rather than a brighter shade. Get the full tutorial here.
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Crochet jar covers
This project is for the knitters and crochet lovers out there. It's amazing what a cozy crocheted cover can do for just about anything. Why shouldn't your jars get to wear a comfy sweater in the winter too?
Mason jar bathroom organizer
If you have a small bathroom, you know how frustrating it can be trying to get ready in the morning with such little counter space. Using jars on the wall could help designate space for all your bathroom necessities while remaining stylish.

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