10 cheap but genius ideas to completely transform your bedroom

Not only is buying new furniture excruciatingly time-consuming, it can cost a lot of money to completely redecorate your room. While it's sometimes a good idea to buy brand new items for your room, such as a mattress — no thrift store shopping here! — it could definitely be worth your time to make some of your own bedroom objects.
There are numerous ways to give your bedroom an upgrade without breaking the bank, and usually you can make the items yourself that you'd pay a high price for in the store — and for half the cost. Keep reading to see just a few of the things you could do to completely transform your bedroom.
1. Foam tiles
Headboards can instantly make a room look nicer, but they can be expensive, hard to move or both. However, if you think outside the box, you could craft your own headboard out of affordable materials and have it look just as beautiful. Decorative foam tiles are a creative option.
2. Floating shelf
If you're low on floor space, shelving alternatives are always a must. Most people opt for wall shelves, but if you want to save your wall space for hanging art or posters, you could try these floating shelves instead. They're ideal for decorative objects such as plants or ceramics.
3. Plywood floor mirror
Who could have thought that a mirror could double as storage? This DIY plywood mirror is minimalist, chic and also useful. The small shelves on one side are great for holding your makeup, jewelry or decorative knickknacks.
4. Honeycomb shelves
Looking at these shelves you would never believe the cheap material they're made from: Popsicle sticks! I know, right? We were just as impressed. Whether you need extra space for books or you just like the way they look, these shelves would totally transform any wall they are placed on.
5. Hammock chair
Who could turn down a comfy hammock? Hammocks make terrific seating whether you're indoors or outdoors. This design by A Beautiful Mess would especially go well in a bedroom reading nook.
6. Photo string lights
Don't know what to do with that blank wall in your bedroom? Forget posters. Instead, take a more personal approach by creating a gorgeous wall decorated with photo string lights. It creates nice, warm lighting throughout the room and,as an added bonus, you get to look at your best memories anytime.
7. Chunky throw blanket
Bedding and blankets can make all the difference in a room. After all, the room revolves around the bed doesn't it? If you want to make a statement while also remaining super cozy, opt for this amazing throw blanket that you can knit yourself. If you're feeling extra adventurous, try a couple of different colors.
8. Acrylic wall calendar
While more and more people are using the calendars on their phones, physically writing something down on a physical calendar will always be a helpful way to remember important dates. Yet, sometimes calendars aren't very pretty to look at. This acrylic wall calendar by Jen Wood House, however, IS pretty to look at and super simple to make.
9. Bookshelf storage bench
Where do people go to buy cheap, cute furniture? IKEA, of course! But not everyone likes to walk into their friend's home and notice that they have the exact same bookshelf, couch and coffee table as their other friends. That being said, there are tons of IKEA hacks out there such as this amazing storage bench made from a cheap IKEA bookshelf.
10. Recycled wood pallet bed
Ah, wood pallets ... the king of DIY furniture-making. Regardless of how trendy they are, it's for a very good reason that more and more people are using found materials for their furniture. Not only do they lend an appealing look to the room, you can use them for practically anything, including this amazing bed frame.
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