Muffin tins may not be pretty. Look at 10 wonderful ways to reuse them instead

Did you know that muffin tins can do a lot more than bake muffins? Whether you have some old tins lying around the house or you plan on picking some up from the store after reading this list, these baking dishes are surprisingly useful for so many household tasks.
Baking trays can be great for a variety of foods and not just the baked kind. They can also be used as decorative objects, storage spaces or gardening. Looking for some inspiration? This is the perfect place to start.
1. Pre-prepared smoothie cups
Smoothies are an amazing on-the-go breakfast. They're easy to make, healthy and absolutely delicious. To speed up the process, try making them the night before and freezing them using muffin trays. In the morning, pop one out, throw it in the blender and save yourself the trouble of cutting up all the fruit.
2. Perfect stuffed pepper holders
Stuffed peppers are the ideal weeknight meal. They're filling, simple, and oh-so tasty. But if you don't have the right type of pan you run the risk of them tipping over and all the good stuff inside falling out. By using a muffin tray, the peppers will stand upright until they're cooked and ready to eat.
3. Condiment serving tray
Have you ever cleaned up after a BBQ and struggled to carry all the condiments in two hands back to the refrigerator? Using a muffin tray as a condiment serving tray is the best way to avoid making multiple trips to the serving table.
4. Muffin tin planters
How adorable is this? People are always coming up with new, cute ways of displaying succulents like this muffin tin planter by Ann Marie Loves. We can't get enough of this idea.
5. Gardening hack
Another gardening hack you'll want to try is to use a muffin tin for achieving that perfect spacing in your garden. If you're a perfectionist when it comes to your plants, you'll definitely have to try this one out.
6. Herb garden
The uses of a muffin tin in the garden are endless. Unlike the two previous ideas, however, this project involves growing straight out of the tin itself. Sadie's Seasongoods have mastered the art of the potted herb garden.
7. Artistic wall hanging
If you're feeling extra artistic, try something like this incredible wall hanging by Creative Embellishments. It would be eye-catching inside your home, on your front porch or even in your backyard.
8. Hardware storage
Putting together that new IKEA dresser? Do you currently have an unorganized drawer filled with miscellaneous nuts and bolts? Muffin trays make excellent storage for hardware.
9. Toddler buffet
Wow, we love this idea by Child Mode. If you have kids, you can imagine how perfect this would be for the little ones' snack time. Not only is it appealing to look at, it can also help ensure a well-balanced diet with all the right shapes and colors needed to keep the body healthy.
10. Muffin tin crayons
After snack time, try this cool craft with the kids. By breaking up old crayons and baking them, you can actually make new, multicolored crayons. You can use any type of muffin tin, but we especially like this heart-shaped tin for crayon making.

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