Transform old windows into stunning pieces of decor with these 10 ideas

Architectural salvage stores are invaluable when you're planning to redecorate your home. Whether you're going for a vintage look or hope to find a piece you can bring back to life, you're bound to find something you love in the midst of all the old pieces of homes.
One of the best things you can find at architectural salvage shops is vintage window frames. Windows aren't solely meant for looking out of — you can use cool, antique frames in a number of DIY projects. Check out some of the amazing ideas below.
1. Photo frame
One popular way to reuse an old window frame is to turn it into another frame: photo frame! She Knows has done a fabulous job with this idea.
2. Coffee table
If you're feeling ultra-ambitious, you could craft an entirely new piece of furniture out of an old window such as this stunning coffee table. The best part is that it can be opened and double as storage for precious keepsakes.
3. Chalkboard calendar
This chalkboard calendar by House by Hoff is an awesome way to reuse an old window while also making sure your priorities and appointments are neatly organized for you to remember.
4. Window frame terrarium
Window frames are terrific hanging devices. Using a frame as a hanging terrarium is a truly imaginative and beautiful way to display plants in your home.
5. Mirror
There are tons of window frame mirrors available for purchase in home decor stores. However, they're all super expensive. The best way to achieve this look is to make one yourself like Provident Home Design has.
6. Mason jar wall piece
Similar to #4 on this list, window frames are perfect for hanging wall pieces. Instead of terrariums, you could also make hanging flower vases out of a window and old mason jars.
7. "Stained glass" window
This is the ideal project for parents to do with their kids. To make your own "stained glass" all you need is some paint, paper and the vintage window frame of your choice.
8. Bathroom cabinet
If shabby chic is your home decor aesthetic of choice, then this project will blow you away. Give your bathroom just the right amount of "shabby" by replacing your medicine cabinet with one that is a little more aged.
9. Decorative window ledge
You can even use a large window frame for an accent wall. If you're lucky enough to find the perfect-sized frame for your living room, definitely give this look by Down to Earth Styles a try. You can add as many or as few shelves as you would like to hold art or plants.
10. Hallway rack
Windows make the best hallway racks! With just a simple addition of some hooks, you can have a super stylish way to hang your coats and keys.
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