10+ top handmade photo crafts

Why hide your photos away in albums where no one can see them unless they are taken off of the shelf or out of that box in the basement? Having your photos on display in your home is the best way to preserve your favorite memories for everyone to see.
While picture frames are always a classic way to keep your photos on display, why not get a little more creative? This list shows off the most imaginative ways that you could display your photos and the best part is, they are all easy, fun, and handmade.
1. Photo transfer on wood
There are many photo transferring methods out there. This particular method utilizes tattoo paper and transfers an image onto a beautiful slice of wood. While only taking seconds to make, this would be a perfect way to display photos in your home or better yet, give as a gift to your friends.
2. Mason jar lid photo magnets
Mason jars are a crafter's best friend. They are something that most people have lying around their home and they can be used in practically any project you might have going on. The jar isn't the only part that can be used, the lid can be transformed into lovely trinkets as well such as these awesome photo magnets by Unoriginal Mom.
3. Glass photo ornaments
Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the best times of the year because of the time spent with those who are nearest and dearest to us. This year, try decorating your tree with handmade ornaments that remind you of those you love by following this amazing tutorial by Fynes Design.
4. Photo coasters
Photo crafts always make great gifts no matter what form they take. This is a fun, easy, and crafty project that despite how simple it is to make, your friends and family will absolutely love it.
5. Photo luminaries
Gathering at the family dinner table is always a special occasion. What makes the meal feel even more special is when it is lit by candlelight. These photo luminaries take candlelit dinners to the next level. Add your favorite photos and you can have different luminaries for different holidays.
6. Photo wreath
Why use one picture frame when you can combine tons of them while keeping them all in one place? A wreath is always a wonderful way of decorating for the holidays. Next Christmas, impress your family by crafting one out of your family's best photos just like this gorgeous wreath by Infarrantly Creative.
7. Accordion photo box
Next time you go on a family vacation, skip using a standard photo album to store your photos. When you use your imagination, the ways you can organize your photos are endless. This adorable accordion photo box is just one example.
8. Glass pendant necklace
Unless you carry them in your wallet, photos can be hard to keep with you at all times. That's why we love this glass necklace pendant by Little House of Four so much. You can keep your favorite memories with you and also look super stylish while doing so.
9. Canvas photo
Sending photos off to get printed on canvas can be more expensive than you might think. What a lot of people don't know is that you can cut the costs by doing it yourself. Once you get your favorite photos enlarged all you need are a few other cheap items to complete your project and hang your beautiful new canvases.
10. Image transfer on pillow
As previously mentioned, you can transfer a photo onto almost any material, including fabric. While this tutorial by Canary Street Crafts uses a graphic image, a photograph would also work with this method. What an awesome way to personalize your living room decor!
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