12 best ways to recycle cereal boxes

Who doesn't love cereal? It's perfect for breakfast, a snack and as an ingredient for delicious desserts. Rice Krispie treats, anyone? If you're anything like us, you accumulate a lot of cereal boxes. After all, it's hard going to the store and leaving with just one type.
Next time you finish up that last box of Cheerios, think twice before you toss it in the recycling bin. There are tons of ways to use those old boxes throughout your home—after the kids complete the activities on the back, of course! Keep reading to see some of the amazing things you can create.
1. Cereal box aquarium
If you have kids or work with kids as your profession, this is a super-cool artistic project to get their imaginations going. With some colored construction paper, pipe cleaners and seashells, they can turn a plain old cereal box into their very own aquarium. Get the tutorial here.
2. Pencil case
As back-to-school season approaches, lots of materials must be purchased. To cut back on costs, try to make some of those necessities yourself. This pencil case crafted out of soda (or cereal boxes) is a great place to start as far as recycled school supplies go. Get the tutorial here.
3. Mailbox
Despite the proliferation of email and digital bills, it's amazing how much mail still ends up on the kitchen table or counter. Instead of letting those bank statements and old phone bills pile up, try organizing them instead with this adorable mailbox by Everyday Dishes.
4. Purse organizer
You know the keys are in there somewhere but for some reason, you've opened every single pocket multiple times and still can't find them. We all know the struggle of delving into the black hole that is the bottom of your purse. Never waste time searching for those keys or lip gloss again with this amazingly useful purse organizer by Fresh Crush.
5. Stationery organizer
Keeping your desk organized is the key to having a successful work environment. We can't get enough of this stationery organizer by Katydid and Kid. You'd never guess it's made out of old cereal boxes.
6. Inspiration board organizer
This project utilizes a different kind of cereal box: the mini. Variety packs of cereal are definitely the way to go if you have a lot of kids who all want different things. However, they can be equally useful as storage crafts. Cover with your favorite paper and tack them to a corkboard to create your own inspiration board.
7. Planter
How cute are these little planters by Lolly Jane? We love this idea because the options are only as limited as your imagination. Turn it into an adorable, animal-shaped planter such as this or decorate with your favorite patterns.
8. Pocket notebook
This is another one of those back to school essentials that you can save some money on by making your own. Moleskine notebooks can be ridiculously expensive. Plus, these are so much cuter. Get the tutorial here.
9. Animal masks
These felted animal masks are great for Halloween or even just a day of playing dress-up. Let the kids choose their favorite animal and help them cut out the shapes to glue together to create the perfect wearable mask. Get the tutorial here.
10. Pinatas
Piñatas make for the perfect party no matter what your age is! What's more fun than whacking something open so for candy can fly out everywhere? Don't go to the store for your next birthday piñata! Make one yourself with just a few materials. Get the tutorial here.
11. Magazine file
This magazine file is made out of cereal boxes and old maps, but the best part about this project is that you can use whatever type of patterned paper you like to suit your own personal style while organizing your back issues. Get the tutorial here.
12. Drawer organizer
If you want a tidy home then you definitely need to use drawer organizers. The cereal box is the right size, shape and durability to create a useful tray for drawers. Get the full tutorial here.

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