Punch a hole into a cardboard box with a Sharpie. In no time, get a creative DIY solution that will make any room neater

We recently went to buy some storage items for my daughters' bedroom and discovered that we'd have to pay a small fortune to get enough cute storage containers for their room. The containers we found were often flimsy and didn't come in a style that worked the room. So, onto a creative solution!
If you're looking for a fun alternative this simple project is a great way to upcycle a sturdier box with cute fabric for only a few dollars.
1 box (a legal box with a lid works well)
Tape Measure
Hot glue​
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1. Use your tape measure to calculate the length, width, and height of your box. Use these numbers to determine the size of fabric you'll need to cover the container. Measure the bottom as well. Mark your cut lines on the backside of the fabric.
2. Use hot glue to attach the fabric around the entire outside of the box. Apply the glue and fabric in small sections, smoothing the fabric flat before applying more hot glue. Tuck and glue any leftovers over the top edge of the box. Apply fabric to the bottom of your box.
3. Use a sharp tool to poke two holes in the box and fabric, about six inches below the top of the box, spaced about 6 inches apart. After deciding how long you want the handles to be, cut your rope and insert one end of the rope into each hole. Make a knot on each end to secure the handle.
4. Lay the box lid upside down on your fabric. Pull an edge up to cover one long side (with a little extra to tuck in). Measure and mark. Do the same with the shorter side. You should have an l-shaped marking at each corner. Cut out your fabric to size, then cut out the l-shaped sections (this forms the corner so you can tuck the edges in without scrunching the fabric). Attach the fabric to the lid using hot glue.
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This cute idea is fun and easy. Using leftover fabric or hunting for bargain fabric can also save you a little bit of money. If you love this idea, make sure to share it with your friends on Facebook.
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