Grab a teacup & make this shabby chic bird feeder in no time

Hanging a bird feeder in your backyard is a simple way to invite your animal neighbors over for an afternoon. Not only is bird watching a pleasant and relaxing activity, but inviting wild birds into your personal oasis helps keep the ecosystem healthy and naturally thriving.
Creating a bird feeder only takes minutes, and is a fun activity to invite the kids to help with. They will love seeing their new backyard best friends enjoying a snack they worked so hard to prepare. Hanging the new feeder close to a window will allow your family to check in on new guests and know when it's time to refill the feeder with seeds.
- Teacup and saucer set
- Hot glue gun
- Twine or rope, about 1/2 inch wide
- Bird seed
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1. Apply a thick line of glue with the hot glue gun along one side of the bottom rim of the teacup, on the end opposite the handle.
2. Firmly press the teacup, glue side down, onto the center of the saucer. Hold it there for a moment to allow it to dry.
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3. Weave one end of the rope through the teacup's handle, securing it tightly with a double knot.
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4. Fill the teacup with bird seed, allowing some of it to spill onto the saucer.
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5. Hang your teacup feeder in the desired location, and welcome your new backyard friends for lunch or a snack.
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