10 chic no-sew accessories in 10 minutes or less for lazy girls

Yes, it may come as a surprise to many, but some of us are really, really lazy (or busy). With neither the time, nor the inclination to persist and persevere, how do we go ahead in trying to fulfill our DIY aspirations? It's simple; we improvise.
There's hope for us yet. There are projects that have "for lazy girls" just written all over them. In short, there are projects just tailor-made for people who'd rather not lift their fingers unless it's absolutely necessary.
Here are 10 DIY projects that are just so simple, so quick and so practical all at the same time that even we lazy girls don't mind trying them. And did we mention they don't involve any sewing?
1. Sunglasses cases
If you are looking for a project that you can breeze through in a matter of minutes, these sunglasses cases are perfect for you. They require no sewing at all, and you can decorate them as you wish. They cost under $5 per case and of course they take less then 10 minutes to make. So don't let your shades suffer from key scratches in your purse, just follow this easy video tutorial by MissMikaylaG.
2. Scarf gladiators
If you're a busy girl who doesn't have time to shop, or are just a lazy girl who'd rather not get out of her PJs to head off for that shopping trip today, you can use this DIY project to make your gladiators at home. This quickie project just requires you to use an old scarf to make yourself some new shoes. Sounds interesting? Here's the video tutorial by ThreadBanger.
3. A t-shirt vest
WobiSobi is a veritable treasure chest of DIY clothing that is made from plain, boring t-shirts, but this no-sew vest is on a whole new level of cool. You can grab the complete instructions here; they even have a video link to its video tutorial. It is a wonder the things you can make with just a pair of scissors, a simple t-shirt and a creative mind.
4. Turban headband
Too lazy for a complicated up-do or too busy to go for a braid? Why not just slap on a turban headband and get moving instead? Go for bright, exciting colors or bold patterns, and you'll have a head turner right there. If you'd like to check it out, here's a video tutorial by Seanta Prescott.
5. One-of a-kind wristlets
Ann Le shows not one, but two, stylish accessories for the really lazy girls. Her video tutorial features two pretty no-sew wristlet clutches that you can use as a cell phone case. You can do them in two colors like she has, or choose prints or monochromes according to your style preferences. This project is slightly more complicated then all the others on this list, so try it out when you're feeling lazy, but not quite that lazy.
6. Fleece scarfs
This project is so simple that it can't get any more "lazy girl" than this. There's just one step. Imagine that. All you really need is a pair of scissors and a gorgeous fleece blanket in a color or print of your choice. Robyn gives the minimal instructions for this project here.
7. Ribbon bow ring
Then you have a ribbon bow ring that is downright adorable. Dynamite Decor has come up with a really simple tutorial for this ring, and it can be seen here. The ring itself is quite a unique statement piece, and it can be made in different colors. So why don't you try one for each outfit in your closet? These are so simple to make, you can actually cover your entire wardrobe in a matter of minutes (or hours, not to underestimate the extent of your wardrobe).
8. Turkey-inspired maxi skirt
If you're looking for a new maxi skirt to add to your wardrobe, look no further. This lazy girl tutorial tells you how to turn three yards of jogging fabric into a groovy maxi skirt in just about three minutes. Yes, you read it right. Check out the tutorial here.
9. Snazzy DIY chokers
Pallavi from Wild Fire Charm has a set of boho chokers that you can make in a jiffy without bringing out your needles and threads. For a world that's currently obsessed with chokers, these "in style" ones are absolutely the ones to fall for. Check out the step by step instructions here.
10. A swell drawstring bag
RED TED Art brings this teeny-tiny drawstring bag that's both easy as well as adorable. You can use it to store loose change or stuff it with sweets or collectibles. Whatever you choose to use it for, you'll definitely be drawing eyes when this eye-popping piece comes out of your handbag. Find the video tutorial here.
Let us know how these nifty ideas work out for you lazy or busy girls. Do share the wisdom with your friends and family on Facebook. After all, everyone's entitled to be lazy once in a while, no?

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