26 Game of Thrones inspired DIY crafts for fans dreading its withdrawal symptoms

Yes, the season 7 Game of Thrones finale had all the drama that its trailer had promised. Fan theories proven right or wrong, check. Unexpected twists and turns, check. Expected, unexpected deaths in dramatic ways, check. Cliffhanger endings leaving you in anticipation of season 8, check! But it's over now.
So no more checking out social media posts about what you failed to notice, or trying to navigate through fan theories while avoiding spoilers. All this extra time on your hands is sure to give you GOT withdrawal symptoms; unless...
Unless you're a DIY crafter!
Here's 26 of best GOT inspired DIY projects to get you through the wait for season 8. We've got you covered till 2019.
(1) Game of thrones bookends
If you are a book lover, chances are, you have the entire R. R. Martin book set sitting on your shelves. This deceptively simple 3D book end (which incidentally favors the Starks) is then a must make DIY item for you. The entire video tutorial can be seen here.
(2) Dragonglass artifacts
If you're up-to-date with your episodes, then you know the wights are coming (and that's faster then you think). So why not stock up on your dragonglass, since it can kill them and help them stay dead. All you need is some cola as your main ingredient and you can have your very own dragonglass stash on hand. Watch the video tutorial here.
(3) Milk of poppy bottle charm
A great gift item to another Game of Thrones fan, this cute bottle charm is really easy to make. It has really versatile uses too. Whether you attach it onto a key chain or just display it in your room, this charm is sure to be a hit with everyone. Find a detailed tutorial here.
(4) A shot glass holder
This is specifically for the DIYers who love working with wood. Impress your guests with this visually stunning ode to your Game of Thrones fandom. The project is high on technical difficulty, but it's all worth it when you see the final outcome. The entire video tutorial can be accessed here.
(5) Khaleesi necklace with dragon claw pendant
From clothes to belts to jewelry, our beloved Khaleesi has always been the front runner in the Game of Thrones fashion awards. Here's the video tutorial to recreate her dragon claw pendant necklace without taxing your budget or your time.
(6) A Winterfell terrarium for the North-loving folk
Recreate the landscape of the North in your very own homes. Here's a Winterfell terrarium, replete with a dire wolf, a heart tree and a castle with the Stark banners. You can of course make your own changes to this original video tutorial, like make it in a glass globe or add some real vegetation.
(7) A mini dragon egg flash drive
Walk around with a mini dragon egg pen drive and show off like a proud GOT fan. It just takes minutes to make this really and if the pictorial instructions below are hard to follow, get the full instructions here (Google translate needed).
(8) Jon Snow's Longclaw
This will make a fantastic addition to your King Of The North Halloween costume this year. You can proudly answer all the questions about your self-forged Valerian steel. Be warned, the project is not as facile as it looks and requires a fair bit of woodworking. Find the video tutorial here.
(9) Up-cycled GOT Coasters
Up-cycling your scrabble tiles into funky coasters is most definitely not a new idea. But combining the simplicity of this idea with your extreme love for Game of Thrones can get you these innovative pieces of useful home decor items. Find step by step instructions here.
(10) Dragon tears finger-less gloves
An awesome project for crocheters, the dragon tears (or scales) finger-less gloves feature the textured crocodile stitch. Seasoned crocheters usually master this stitch in minutes. Get the pattern for this show-stopper piece along with instructions on how to conquer this particular stitch here.
(11) Westeros & Essos wall map
For those of you who are currently thinking of home renovations, here is a unique idea for their game rooms or their man caves. It is a riveting piece of modern art to say the least. It also gives an unquestionable inkling of just how devoted you are to your Game of Thrones fandom. Get a video tutorial here.
(12) Daenerys pretty Qarth belt accessory
Everyone saw it. Everyone loved it. Daenerys Qarth belt was quite a sensation. There are several DIY options to make this belt and instructions to them all can be found online. If you have the time and patience, you can follow this video tutorial to get a professional looking piece. If you are on a budget and are short on time, follow this video tutorial, which works just as well.
(13) Mini frames for your wall
Whether you are preparing for a Game of Thrones themed house party or have siblings and friends who have affiliations to different GOT houses (though one cannot understand why anyone would be anything but a Stark or Targaryen), this is a perfect DIY project for you. Make them for your wall or your doors, or just gift them to your friends. Find the entire tutorial here.
(14) GOT-inspired pallet table
This project is certainly not for novice DIY-ers, nor for those inexperienced in woodworking. Still, the project has a rustic appeal for those who love all things that look and feel old or antique. This piece is also great for people who love recycling and have pallet boxes easily on hand. Have a look at the tutorial here and decide for yourself whether you like it.
(15) Goblets for your wine
Now don't you love the goblets that Cercei uses to down gazillion liters of wine each season? I certainly do. Here's a tutorial that shows how you can make a few for yourselves.
(16) Arty watercolor bookmarks
Those who have talents in the watercolor arena and those who just love the feel of a paintbrush in their hands can try out this simple but gorgeous DIY project. A complete tutorial for these beauties can be found here.
(17) A DIY Iron throne phone charger
You love your phone and the crafty people at Natural Nerd get it. In fact, they think that you probably should have a throne for your precious possession. They have a tutorial here for an iron throne phone charger. Let your phone charge in peace in a position of power.
(18) Joffrey Baratheon's crown
For any Game of Thrones fan, a Halloween costume is the best opportunity to showcase that love. And who's creepier than Joffrey, right? Try this Baratheon crown, the instructions are right here and they are literally child's play.
(19) Mason jar tops, Stark, Baratheon and Lannister
You may need Google translate to help you follow this instructions guide, but for any long-time DIY crafter, the pictures will be enough. These effortless figurines will breathe new life into your plain kitchen jars.
(20) Hand of king brooch
Everyone loves a good brooch. And a brooch that exudes power is of course an exceptionally good one (short of wearing a crown, that is). Here's a video tutorial to how to make one for yourself.
(21) Dragon egg table centerpiece
Using just some basic sewing skills, you can magically transform some basic felt fabric into a really unique and one-of-a-kind table centerpiece. Not many people can boast of having glorious dragon eggs gracing their table. The step by step guide can be found here. You will need Google translate to help you translate the instructions, though the pictorial instructions are simple enough to follow.
(22) Game of thrones quotes paintings
Let's face it, Game of Thrones quotes are like real pearls of life's wisdom. Some are so poetically good that they have become a second language. If you love them, why not immortalize them in the form of wall art? Here's a step by step guide of you're interested.
(23) Game of Thrones lamp
If you're not a fan of loud lights and prefer subtlety over garishness, this muted game of thrones lamp is the way forward for you. If you use it as a night light for your room, you'll have a dire wolf there with you. Isn't that motivation enough? Here are the video instructions.
(24) Dragon egg chest replica
This chest is another stunning piece for those who love to work with wood. The work is complex and detailed but the instructions given by Eric Hart are clear and doable. For everyone who has the time and patience for this time-intensive project, the masterpiece at the end of it is reward enough. Here are his detailed instructions along with a video tutorial.
(25) The iron throne bean bag
When you have a serious crafter and she is also a serious GOT fan, you have someone totally able to undertake this mother-of-all DIY projects. This bean bag requires you to commit a fair amount of your time and it is also not something you can do on a budget. But the joys of sinking into your very own iron throne and knowing full well that yours is cozier than Cercei's, are far superior to any pain this project might put you through. Here are Isabel Kiko's step by step instructions.
(26) Dragons Mobile
Such a beautiful piece, yet so effortless to make! Make yourself a beautiful dragons mobile and brace up for the compliments. Add your own sparkle to the basic piece and explore your personal creativity. My dragons have tiny brass bells attached to them and they double up as a beautiful wind chime. Here are the detailed instructions here.
Ready to take on any of these interesting Game of Thrones projects? Choose your favorite one to start with and be sure to let us know how it goes.
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