Don't chuck them out just yet. 10 sly ways to fix tight, loose or short clothes

Too tight, too loose, too short ⁠— these are the usual girl problems! But do we just chuck out any clothes that no longer fit us? Of course not! At least there's no logical reason why you should.
Check out these 10 brilliant DIY solutions to these woes:
1. Elongate a short T-shirt the smart way
So what do you do when your start fearing that your favorite T-shirt is going to ride up your back and give everyone a little peep show? Do you stop wearing it? That's too bad. But it's time for you to raid your closet and bring out all of your "now too short" favorites and turn them into ... this:
2. Lengthen a short T-shirt in a dressy manner
The easier and more stylish way to lengthen your T-shirt (and give it a slightly dressier makeover) is to use lace. One way to do this is to attach a lace of your choice right where the hem of the shirt ends. Here's a tutorial:
3. Lengthen a dress with this slight re-fashioning
Yes, you will change the overall look of your dress this way, but if this is what you want, then go for it. That added belt in the center will not just elongate your dress, but it will also make you feel as if you have just stepped out and found yourself a new one. Learn how here:
4. Elongate a dress without compromising its style
If you have a dress that you really, really love but can no longer wear, there is another way to lengthen it. It is a fairly easy option, where you just have to sew in some lace or a strip of fabric to the hem of the dress to make it longer.
In a similar manner, you can also elongate a dress or skirt by using a lace or lace-trimmed underskirt that is slightly longer than the former. You can easily buy these underskirts if making them from scratch is not a sewing project that you wish to start.
5. Loosen a tight shirt in a modernistic manner
Lace is the ultimate savior when it comes to rescuing your too-tight clothing items. Below is an example on how to loosen a tight shirt into a larger size.
6. Loosen a tight shirt or T-shirt with a sideways lace insert
GuideCentral has a nifty video on a dapper way loosen your tight shirts or T-shirts. If done correctly, the finished T-shirt actually comes out looking like one that was originally designed that way. This would work well on shirts too, provided the lace you pick goes well with the fabric and its print.
7. Convert baggy jeans into skinny ones
We all have that one pair of jeans in our closets, one that makes us look unnecessarily flabby. Pretty Providence has a great tutorial for getting your baggies and straight legs into a skinny shape. Well, they changed the color of their jeans in her tutorial too, so that's a bonus if you'd like to learn.
8. Increase the waist size of tight jeans
It is much easier to get a loose-fitted clothing item and to take it in to fit properly than to make a tight piece of clothing grow miraculously larger. This is by far the most tricky tutorial in this list. This will save quite a few jeans from getting forgotten in the dark recesses of your closet.
9. Getting fitted jeans to loosen up
Once again eHow, the messiah and savior of clothes, comes to the aid of the jeans that have gone too tight for you to wear. This method not just gets your jeans to loosen up, but it also adds that one extra bit of fashion element to an otherwise plain jeans.
10. Tighten the waistband of your loose jeans
We all buy our jeans to sit well on our hips. If our waist is quite a bit smaller than our hips, it then figures that we are left with a problematic gap there. Once again, we have a tutorial that rescues us from this persistent predicament, as seen below.
There is always a solution to all your clothing problems and all you need is the will to find solutions for them. If your friends and family are also struggling with the fit of their clothes, you should share this with them on Facebook. And if there's something we have missed, you should definitely let us know.

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