10 projects that will completely change the way you look at old jeans again

Whether you've outgrown (or shrunk out of) your favorite pairs of jeans or they're just a little worse for wear, don't toss them out! Instead, try upcycling your denim into something new! Once you view your jeans as leftover fabric instead of worn-out clothes you'll be surprised at what you can do.
Check out these really creative ways crafty people upcycled their old denim into some unique projects.
1. Denim I Spy Rag Quilt
This fun project uses circles of denim to create the base for the blanket. You'll need about 126 denim circles that are all the same size. The best way to do this is to use a medium-sized bowl from your cupboard to trace each circle. Squares of funky fabrics take this blanket to the next level.
2. Denim Basket
This might be one of the more creative uses of old jeans ever! You'll need to cut your jeans into even strips, and then it's just a matter of weaving the pieces together (around a container to get the right shape) to get this cute container.
3. Denim Wreath
Looking for a cute decoration for your door? This fun twist on a wreath is a great option. ou can easily add seasonal decor to personalize this one. You'll need a wire wreath form and strips of denim. You can use a single shade or try mixing it up with darker and lighter pieces to add depth.
4. Denim Flower Pot
Why keep your plants or herbs in a boring clay pot when you can dress it up! This fun project is pretty easy (just some basic measuring, cutting, and hot glue.) You could even use this to dress up old Mason jars. If you still have a Bedazzler on hand, you can even take this fun craft up another notch!
5. Hexagon Pillow
I'm a bit in love with this project! You can craft a cool pillow case with hexagon cut outs of old jeans. If you have several pairs you can create an ombre effect with varying shades of blue. You'll need some basic sewing skills (and I do mean basic) to nail this one.
6. Denim Runner
This project is going to take a little more sewing know how, as you'll have to basically turn denim strips int0 a yarn material. to weave. The website for this project is in Finnish, but Google Translate helps. If you want a less time-exhaustive project, you could simply cut the jeans into thin strips and sew them together.
7. Denim Pumpkins
Forget the scarecrow! These adorable denim pumpkins are a great way to dress up your front porch for Halloween. If you have extra scraps you of fun fabric you could even put jack-0-lantern faces on the front.
8. Heart-shaped Book Mark
The simplicity of this project is appealing! Plus, if you'd rather use a cute bookmark than a napkin or receipt ('cause I've NEVER done that...) these will protect the pages of your book in style. These are simple enough that you could attach a ribbon and give these away as teacher gifts!
9. Scarf Organizer
Hang your scarves, belts, and purses with a little more pinash. Use denim scraps and closet rods to create this fun option for organizing your closet. Try out this easy idea with a little help from The Chic Site.
10. Jean Racecar Track
While the website is in Dutch, this project is pretty self-explanatory. You'll need to cut four pieces so they curve, and then create two straight stretches. The best part is that once this is sewn together, you can fold it and toss it in a bag to keep your little one entertained wherever you go!
Are you as eager as I am to dig through the bins of packed-up jeans? If you love these ideas, make sure to share them with your friends on Facebook!

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