12 genius Halloween ideas you'll want to try this year

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's one of the most exciting times to craft. With plenty of fun materials to work with, including pumpkins, skeletons and tombstones, there are a variety of ideas that allow you to customize and create your own decorations.
Halloween crafts are especially fun to do with kids, who enjoy getting into the spookiest season of the year. Take items you have or head to the craft shop to stock up on affordable supplies you can transform into ghoulish goodies.
Mummy candy cans
Hand these mummy candy cans out as favors at a Halloween party, pass them out at your kid's school or give them to favorite trick-or-treaters. You can also fill them with decorations for a cute centerpiece. Watch how to put this project together in a breeze with the help of the video below.
Pumpkin slime
Kids love making slime, so why not make it holiday appropriate? Orange pumpkin slime is fun to play with or great to give as party favors. It's also easy enough to make that kids of all ages can get in on the crafting fun. Put the slime in personalized treat bags.
Jeweled skull
You can make your own jeweled skull for under $6. Materials used include a realistic foam skull, acrylic jewel embellishments, and a hot glue gun.
Spoon monsters (h/t Suzy's Sitcom)
You may have never thought of spoons as hilarious, but when you create these spoon monsters inspired by characters from "Monsters Inc.," you won't be able to contain your laughter. Easy to create and a fabulous centerpiece, these smiling spoons give your wooden cookware a much more exciting purpose. Check out the video below.
Spooky silhouettes
If you want to get the best Halloween house award, this DIY is for you. Create this scary vibe using green lights and cutouts.
Tortured candles
Worried about your Halloween tablescape? Look no further. Add a bleeding effect to your candles by using the wax of a red candle.
Spider jars (h/t Momdot)
Scary but cute, these light-up spider jars are simple to make. The end result, however, is completely creepy. These make fun party decorations or table decor. Learn how to make them in the video below.
Skeleton and crows
Give your guests a fright with a skeleton sitting on a rocking chair. Scatter in black crows for a more ominous atmosphere. Don't forget to play some spooky music too.
Snake basket
Give your planters a major upgrade with some scary snake tentacles. This project will kick your front porch game up a notch.
Duct tape pillows
You've seen people use duct tape to make wallets, purses and even clothes, but did you know it makes awesome pillows, too? You'll never even know it's tape. Follow the video below for instructions.
Galaxy lantern
Give your boring pumpkin an out-of-this-world upgrade. This effect was created on a fake black pumpkin using craft paint, Christmas lights, and a drill.
Clothespin bats (h/t No Time For Flashcards)
Some crafts are hard for small kids (or adults), so it's important to find projects that anyone can do with ease. The following craft is a simple way to get involved with Halloween crafting.
Monster claws
Recycle old gloves with this novel idea that turns them into monster hands kids will love. You don't even have to know how to sew to make this easy craft. Check out how in the video below.
Pumpkin balloons (h/t Martha Stewart)
No party is complete without balloons, and why settle for plain black and orange when you can create these jack 'o lantern balloons with such expressive and fun faces? Bring your party to life with these pumpkins with personality.
Witches' brooms (h/t BHG)
Make your patio the perfect spot for nearby witches to stop when you create handmade brooms that look witchy and festive. Watch how easy it is for this project to come together.
Creepy candy wrappers (h/t Woman's Day)
You'll be the best homeowner on the block when you hand out adorable candy wrapped with ghosts, bats and vampires. See how to make them in the video below.
The Nightmare Before Christmas candle holders
If you're a Tim Burton fan, chances are you love Jack, Sally and Oogey Boogey from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Enjoy seeing your favorite characters come to life behind flickering lights with this easy-to-make candle tutorial.
Monster rocks (h/t Nerdy With Children)
Painting rocks is a fun fad. Make it spooky by creating monster rocks. Check out how in the tutorial below.
Resources Suzy's Sitcom

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