11 ways to organize your kitchen with items from the dollar store

Preparing food and cooking in a kitchen that is unorganized can be a bit of a nightmare, but do you have to spend a ton of money to have an organized and clutter-free kitchen? Not in today's world, if you know how to shop at the dollar store.
People often over look the dollar store when it comes to buying goods for your home. Hopefully this list will change all of that! Take a look at these 11 ways that you can organize your kitchen, all while saving money. This list will make you think twice the next time you go to the dollar store!
1. Cutlery organization
These slender plastic baskets were actually made to organize your desk drawer, but they work just as well for cutlery! Keep your cutlery organized and neat, all while saving some money.
2. Canned good storage
Use a wire magazine rack to store your canned goods. This will keep your pantry neat and tidy — plus it will make room for more items.
3. Tension rods
Rather than having your cutting boards and trays stacked on top of one another, use this handy hack instead. Get some tension rods from the dollar store, and mount them inside your cupboards, as pictured below. This will take up less space and make these items more accessible.
4. Cutting board storage
If you can't find tension rods, here is another hack to store your cutting boards. Mount a hanging wire organizer to the inside of your cupboard door; it's a great way to utilize dead space.
5. Shower caddy
A shower caddy is a great gift for someone who is going off to college and living in a dorm, but they are also great for under the kitchen sink, too! You can put all your cleaning supplies in them to keep the area under the kitchen sink organized — plus, you'll have a great little carrier when it's time to clean the house!
6. Pantry organization
Organization systems from home improvement stores can cost you hundreds. This blogger spent $20 at the dollar store and did all this! Next time you go to the dollar store, pick up some plastic containers.
7. Stackable containers
I think we've all seen these stackable containers at some point at the dollar store, but have you ever thought to use them inside your kitchen cupboards? These containers are a great way to get the most out of vertical space.
8. Containers in the fridge
When was the last time you organized your fridge? Often, food goes bad because it gets pushed to the back of the fridge, and we forget all about it. Use plastic bins from the dollar store to keep your fridge neat and organized.
9. Lazy Susan
Use a Lazy Susan in the fridge to keep your condiments in order. This will make them easy to find. You can even pull the whole Lazy Susan out, and put it right on the table at dinner time.
10. Adhesive hooks
Grab some adhesive hooks the next time you are at the dollar store, and then stick them on the inside of your cupboard door. You can hang all your measuring spoons there for easy access. You can also download and print the conversion chart, too!
11. Spice rack
This clever blogger converted cooling racks from the dollar store into a spice rack she could hang on the back of her pantry door. There is an easy-to-follow tutorial here.
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