13 gorgeous DIYs for your living room

When you want to decorate your living room and make it stand out, sometimes the things you see at retailers don't really fit the bill. You want pieces that express your personality, blend in with your existing decor and meet your specific needs. So why not just make something?
Customizing your own decor pieces is an efficient way to get exactly what you want and to enjoy putting your creative skills to use at the same time.
1. Wood vase
Rustic and cute, this easy DIY transforms a plain vase into something magazine-worthy. It would add style to a shabby chic coffee table or end table or placed in an entryway.
2. Wood photo ladder
There's simply something charming about using bare wood for decorative purposes. Not only does it stand out, but it's sturdy and durable. Customize a photo ladder by putting a DIY spin on a traditional photo holder at stores.
3. Teacup candles
Leave boring basic candles behind in favor of something a bit more beautiful. If you love the look of vintage teacups, repurpose some of the cups in your collection to create beautiful candles that look lovely on a coffee table or end tables. They also make great gifts.
4. Decorative tray from old cupboard
Kitchen cabinets have a unique way of bringing the culinary scene together in a home. It can be fun to swap them out in the name of a stylish upgrade, but instead of throwing out those well-used cupboard doors, consider giving them a second life as a wallpaper tray. With the right tools and crafty accessories, it easy to turn a cupboard door into an elegant serving tray suitable for an afternoon tea or full-time coffee table accent piece. Get the full tutorial here.
5. Crate bookshelf
Liven up the living room and build a sweet space to store books, framed photos or your favorite knickknacks. If you're decorating on a budget, building a bookshelf from repurposed crates fits the bill for an affordable project.
6. Twinkle light room divider
Cast a magical glow in the living room by refashioning a room divider. This not only looks pretty but it serves a purpose if you have an open space and want to create the look of two separate spaces. Plus, it's just really cool and easy to make.
7. Mosaic table
Jazz up a plain end table or a coffee table with mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are an easy and fun way to add color and pull together the whole space or add a pop of color in an otherwise bland room.
8. Side table out of a pallet
A traditional pallet makes moving as efficient as possible, but when a pallet’s job is done, there’s always the potential for repurposing. Instead of letting a pallet sit idly in the yard, consider transforming it into a chic cube end table that’s as eye-catching as it is one of a kind. A pallet cube table is a tasteful way to incorporate a rustic touch into even the most modern of décor schemes. Get the full tutorial here.
9. Media stand makeover
Tired of your TV stand but don't have enough money to purchase a brand-new model? Give yours a facelift instead. Tweak the stand with new hardware and a fresh look that will change the feel of the entire space.
10. Mason jar vase
Let's face it, mason jars are probably one of the most versatile craft supplies available. There are so many things you can do with one of these basic glass jars. Turn mason jars into cute, distressed vases. Get the full tutorial here.
11. Painted rug
Tired of your solid-colored rug? Turn it into a trendy geometric rug with some tape and paint. This easy DIY project transforms a tired rug into something brand new and totally modern, and a fresh rug can change up a living room in seconds.
12. Crate coffee table
If you liked the crate bookshelf from earlier on this list, check out this project that shows how to turn crates into a coffee table. You can stain the crates or paint them. See how it's done on Anything and Everything.
13. Bamboo lights
Make rustic chandeliers with bamboo. These are not only functional, but pendant lights also add just the right touch to any space, creating a unique look that makes a statement.
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