Put those leftover fabric scraps to use with these amazing craft ideas

You know all those spare pieces of fabric you have left over that you simply stack up but aren't sure what to do with? They may be an odd size, or just too small to even create something little like a handbag.
However, you don't have to toss them into the trash. Repurpose even the smallest scraps into cool crafts you can make for yourself or friends and family members, and put your skills to work using some innovative and easy ideas.
1. Pocket warmers
Keep your hands warm in the winter by creating tiny pocket warmers filled with rice. Slip them inside even the smallest pockets. These make adorable gifts or stocking stuffers and they're easy to make. Using pinking shears gives the warmers a bit of visual appeal.
2. Magnets
Turn your smallest scraps into colorful magnets. These not only let you use every single scrap in a functional way, but they decorate your refrigerator too. You only need a few simple supplies to make custom magnets. Fun to give and to get, everyone can use an extra set of magnets.
3. Tetris handbag
Create geometric-shaped appliques to sew on an existing bag to brighten it up. Using different colors and types of fabric makes the shapes more interesting, and gives you a good reason to raid your scrap stash.
4. Lip balm holder
Frequent lip balm uses need to keep their Chapstick or balm within reach. A handy holder fits on your keychain and provides a perfectly-sized pocket for lip balm or lipstick.
5. Hair bows
Hair accessories are the perfect way to use up fabrics. Little girls love using bows to hold back their bangs or accent a ponytail or pigtails, and you can also mix and match ribbon designs and colors to enhance the bows.
Make DIY bookmarks using fabric and ribbons. Customize a bookmark for each member of your family, or tuck them into a novel you're giving as a gift. Personal and fun to make, bookmarks are just the right size for some of your tiniest fabric scraps.
7. Rag rug
Got a lot of scraps to use up? Craft an entire rug made of fabric pieces! These shabby chic rugs are cute and functional, and you'll get rid of all your scraps in one sitting. Perfect for a variety of colors and designs, these rugs are a fun accent to any space.
8. Cake flags
Decorating cakes is a fun hobby, and what better way to do that than with your own DIY decor? Use small fabric pieces to make cute cake flags you can reuse and recycle.
9. Coasters
Protect your table from water marks and add a colorful accent to your coffee table, dining room table, or end tables when you craft cute coasters from pieces of fabric. Making coasters from seasonal fabric is fun, or mix and match colors and add ribbons to your designs.
10. Picture frame
Turn a plain picture frame into a dazzling photo holder when you use fabric to create a custom photo frame. Any inexpensive frame becomes a personalized place to put pictures when you use small scraps of fabric to transform a frame.
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