6+ insanely easy crafts you'll want to do right now for Christmas

Christmas and holiday decor are easy to love. It's fun to decorate your home for the holidays, but it's not fun spending the money on it. It sure seems like stores mark up all the holiday ornaments and decor.
Luckily, DIYEverywhere is here to save the day. Below are 6+ easy crafts you can do, regardless of your skill level. You'll save money and it's a fun bonding activity to do with family members.
Super easy pine luminaries
These pine luminaries are super easy to make and will add a bit of sparkle to your home this winter or any time of year.
Christmas star luminary
If pine isn't your jam, you can also try out star lights. Create these star lights with whatever pattern you prefer, add Christmas lights, and hang up for the most magical holiday mood.
Lighted garland
You can also make a garland using burlap, ribbon, and a string of lights. Try out velvet for that added element of luxury. This is an easy, cheap way to make your Christmas decor feel upscale.
Colored glass flower vase
Use this stunning DIY glass technique and save more than $100 (on the Pottery Barn version). All you need to do is put in your favorite holiday flowers: poinsettia, Christmas cactus or Christmas rose. Watch this simple technique in the video below.
Light up canvas
If you are looking for that cornerstone fireplace mantle piece or wall hanging, look no further. This light up canvas effect is great for setting up the holiday spirit.
Tomato cage Christmas tree
Just wait until the lights on this DIY project go on.
Snow globe terrariums
You simply can't go wrong with holiday terrariums. Make them grand and majestic by using large apothecary jars. Fill with snow (stretched out cotton) and white lights. Decorate with Christmas village pieces.
Bleached pine cones
For a super unique pine cone transformation, bleach these textured beauties for a look that's completely new. The end result would be a total standout dinner table centerpiece.
Christmas shadow box
Create an enchanted forest with this Christmas shadow box idea. This one uses fake snow, brushed trees, and copper wires. Gold detail adds that extra glam factor.
Frosted holiday centerpiece
Add some sparkle to your holiday decor with this fun idea that upcycles an old wine bottle.
Lighted up candy canes
Christmas isn't complete with lighted up candy canes. This idea can be created using string lights and old PVC pipes. Paint up those pipes red and white, and don't forget to add ribbon!
Easy frosted glass
If you want to give your windows a frosted glass effect, check out the DIY project in the video below.
Transfer a family photo to wood
This DIY project will not only be memorable, but you can also hang it up on your Christmas tree.
Miniature Christmas trees
These mini Christmas trees are just the cutest way to brighten up the holidays. We think they'd make great place cards to mark guests' seats at a holiday dinner!
Crystal covered pine cones. If you are looking for a snowy effect indoors, check out the video below that can show you how.

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