Tape two crates together and copy this woman's gorgeous decor idea

Wooden crates are one of a DIYer's best friends. They can be transformed into everything from bookshelves to benches, and they can work with almost any style of decor. Crates are usually pretty inexpensive and easy to find, but you can make your own from scratch if you have some woodworking skills.
There's no end to the fun, creative things you can do with crates, no matter what your DIY skill level. The ideas in this article will get you off to a great start.
Ottoman with plenty of storage (h/t Lise Luxury)
This ottoman offers the best of both worlds: It offers plenty of storage and it functions as a super cute decor piece. If you want to make your own, be sure to check out the video below.
Crate coffee table (h/t My Anything & Everything)
This coffee table is simple but elegant. It also has plenty of storage for magazines, books and whatever else you might want to hide inside the crates.
Plant stand
Wooden crates aren't just used for the inside. You can stack them creatively and build a garden planter outside in a patio area. Finish it off by decorating with your favorite green friends. Check out how in the video below.
Bedroom decor (h/t Dwell Beautiful)
If you're going for a clean, minimalist look, this nightstand fits the bill. It also works as a functional little side table. Watch the video below for the full tutorial.
Bathroom decor/organizer (h/t Beauty Dojo)
This is such a cute way to keep toiletries organized. It's also incredibly easy to make and – if you get tired of the arrangement of the crates – it's easy to change.
Grab two cheap Dollar store tubs. Add this easy DIY touch to make them look way more expensive
A cosmetic upgrade doesn't need to cost a fortune. The following DIY proves it.
If you've got a pegboard lying around, you might want to try this DIY project
Turn a piece of pegboard into a storage center for tools and supplies. The video below shows you how.
Storage cart (h/t Shabby Creek Cottage)
This little rolling cart would be useful in so many places such as a craft room, office or bedroom. If you want to make one, watch the video below for instructions.
Watch how easy it is to transfer a photo onto wood
The video below shows how simple the process is, requiring just a few supplies and a little time.
Lady grabs two plant wire baskets and adds lights. You'll be in love with this easy craft
Plant wire baskets transform into a chic chandelier, thanks to instructions from the video below.
Got an old tomato cage? Don't toss it out. Try this project out instead
Learn how to transform a wire tomato cage into a plant stand with help from the video below.
Pantry canisters
Got some old pickle or mason jars lying around? Upgrade them to chic pantry decor with the following project. This one will have guests thinking you spent a fortune at Pottery Barn.
Patterned vases
Instead of recycling all of your old glass jars and wine bottles, set a few aside to try making one of these gorgeous vases. You don't need anything but a hot glue gun and a can of spray paint.
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