I'm totally copying this woman's clever idea for repurposing cupboard doors

Old cupboard doors might seem like something that belong in the garbage, but there are actually so many creative ways you can give them new life! In fact, they're one of the best materials out there for making upcycled DIY projects.
However, don't go ripping off your kitchen cupboard doors (unless your kitchen is in need of a makeover!) You should be able to find all sorts of cupboard doors at garage sales and thrift stores.
1. Kid's art desk (h/t U Create)
These fun little desks are the perfect way to give your kids a special place to do their artwork! The little cubbies hidden under the doors are fairly shallow, but they're deep enough to keep your children's art projects safely hidden away until they're all done.
2. Art easel (h/t House On Harrison)
This easy-to-make chalkboard easel would be great for kids, but it could also be used as a sign for your next party or special event. I'd even be tempted to add a bit of cork to the bottom and use it as an indoor memo board!
3. Simple serving tray
Whether you want to bring someone breakfast in bed or carry a few drinks out to the patio, a beautiful serving tray is always useful! This project couldn't be easier to make — all you need to do is attach a pair of handles to a nice cupboard door!
4. Coat hanger (h/t My Repurposed Life)
Spruce up your entryway with this cute little coat hanger! It has just enough space for the jackets and accessories you use most often, and the shelf on top is a great touch.
5. Storage crate (h/t Prodigal Pieces)
If you have a pair of matching doors, why not use them to make this awesome storage crate? You don't have to use it in your bathroom if you don't want to — it would also be a great place to store magazines in your living room or hats and mittens in your entryway!
6. Headboard (h/t Remodelaholic)
Headboards just make a bedroom feel so much more put-together, and no one would ever guess that this one was made from a set of old cupboard doors! You'll need some tools and some woodworking skills to put this project together, but I love that it costs almost nothing to make.
7. Upcycled jewelry holder (h/t Life Made Interesting)
How elegant is this DIY jewelry holder? You could make this project with almost any size of cupboard door, but a long narrow door like the one used here would probably provide the most storage space.
8. Mason jar vase holder (h/t Nest 'n Feathers)
This is such a simple but clever wall decoration! It's pretty just like it is, but I think it would look even better if you filled the jars with fresh flowers or flameless candles.
9. Painted clock (h/t Twice Lovely)
Telling the time would always be a joy if you had this pretty painted clock to look at! You don't even need to paint a design onto the background — you could cover it with a piece of patterned fabric instead.
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