Don't toss old CDs. You're gonna want them to recreate this gorgeous DIY project

Most of us don't give a second thought to tossing out trash in the garbage or recycle bin. We do it every day. Paper, cardboard, plastic, whatever. And we hardly imagine the possibilities that lie within even one scratched CD or paper towel tube.
There are so many ways to repurpose and upcycle what you may have formerly considered trash; but after you see this list, you never will again!
1. DVD birdbath (h/t Me and My DIY)
Rescue an old, cracked birdbath or just give one a makeover by using grout to add in pieces of a broken DVD. The shiny disc creates a luminous look that lights up with color when the sun hits it and it's a great way to repurpose unused discs.
2. Bathroom jars (h/t Eighteen 25)
Pickle jars, condiment jars, what do you do with them when they're empty? Well, you take some pretty paint and transform them into functional and fashionable bathroom jars that hold everything from cotton swabs to makeup remover pads.
3. Soda pencil case (h/t Creative Itch)
Don't toss that cardboard soda box; turn it into a super cute portable pencil holder for kids and adults! Using an easy template and some Velcro you can create the cutest and most affordable pencil case around.
4. Jewelry organizer (h/t Blah to Tada)
Paper towel rolls are versatile crafting supplies. This DIY uses them to create a cool way to organize your jewelry. The end product looks like a display from a retailer! It will look pretty on your vanity or dresser.
5. Plastic zip-up container (h/t Pop Sugar)
Grab a clean soda or water bottle and make yourself a cute coin purse with a zipper and some hot glue. It can even hold jewelry or other small items, and people will wonder where you got such a cute little container!
6. Drawer dividers (h/t iheart organizing)
You love to craft, and your supplies drawer shows it. If your stash is a disaster, consider using cereal boxes to create colorful dividers to keep your items cleaned up, organized, and easy to see when you need to grab something.
7. Phone holder (h/t Make It & Love It)
Use a baby lotion bottle to put together a crafty cell phone holder that keeps your phone secure while you charge it. The perfect shape and size, you can customize the holder with any fabric for a personalized phone holder that comes in handy each day.
8. Denim bag (h/t All Day Chic)
Instead of tossing that worn pair of jeans or donating your kids' old pairs, why not create something completely new out of them? Make a fun bag with jeans that can hold everything from tech devices to an afternoon snack.
9. Succulent planters (h/t The Whoot)
Wine bottles offer a multitude of crafting ideas, and one of the most beautiful is to use them as succulent planters. They look amazing either hanging or when used as a table centerpiece.
10. Trampoline bed (h/t Tiny House on the Prairie)
So your trampoline is just sitting outside getting dusty. The kids outgrew it, and you're not really sure what to do with it. Why not turn it into a relaxing outdoor bed? Your backyard will be the place to be once you hang this comfortable bed from a treehouse!
11. Drawer ottoman (h/t Diary of a Crafty Lady)
Before you set that broken, old dresser out by your curb, grab a couple of drawers. You'd be surprised what you can do with them, like this idea for creating a cute and shabby chic ottoman from a small drawer.
12. Washi dispenser (h/t Carolyn's Homework)
It's easy to lose those little rolls of washi tape in your craft drawer. Keep your tape at your fingertips when you use an empty foil box to craft a custom dispenser for all those tiny tape rolls and keep your tape collection organized.
13. Cardboard dollhouse (h/t The Artful Parent)
This craft is easy enough for kids to do, and they'll love creating their own dollhouses! Grab those old boxes and get to work building small shelters for dolls and toys. You can even add lights!

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