Pick up some marble contact paper from the dollar store and copy this viral DIY project

Are you always on the look-out for elegant-looking things that don't cost much money? If the answer is yes, then marble contact paper is going to be your new best friend. It's luxurious-looking, fairly inexpensive and easy to use – the perfect combination.
Marble isn't just for counter tops. It enhances everything from lamps to clocks to utensil handles.
Marble and copper notebook
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Marble, copper and geometric paper clips. Could there be a better combination?
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If you love stationary, these notebooks are a must-have. They would be cute even without the copper binding.
Succulent planter
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No one would ever guess that this adorable little succulent planter wasn't made of real marble. Build a wooden planter from scratch if you want it to fit specific measurements, but you could just as easily use marble contact paper to cover an old planter you don't like anymore.
Elegant bed tray
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Few things are more luxurious than a marble bed tray. Real marble is too expensive and heavy to work for a bed table, but this faux marble version is simply perfect.
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Marbled utensil holder
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If marble-handled utensils aren't your style, why not make a marble utensil holder instead? This is easy to make, and it could double as a cute vase or table centerpiece.
Marbled lamp
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What a clever way to spruce up an old lamp. Lamps such as these cost a pretty penny in high-end decor stores, but you can make a version like this for next to nothing. Best of all, it's easy to peel off the contact paper if you get tired of the lamp's new look.
Marble utensils
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These marble-handled utensils look so classy. Marble and wood is a great combination.
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