Stop spending money on fancy baskets and try these 8 DIY projects instead

Soft rope baskets, cute laundry baskets, wooden produce baskets... there are so many baskets to love, but they don't always fit into the budget. Luckily, DIY baskets are incredibly easy (and fun!) to make yourself.
Whether you need some extra storage or you're just looking for a new decor piece, we've got you covered. You'll never need to spend money on baskets at the store again!
1. Colorfully painted rope basket (h/t Honestly Wtf)
Patterned baskets are so fun, and you won't believe how easy these designs are to paint. Using baskets as planters is such a clever idea, but these beauties would look just as great sitting by themselves on a shelf.
2. No-sew rope basket (h/t Happiness Is Homemade)
Rope baskets hold cozy throws or skeins of yarn beautifully, and you can make this one even if you don't know how to sew. The cotton rope used here fits in with most decor styles, but embellishing your basket with a few personal touches is easy.
3. DIY ombre basket (h/t The Life Jolie)
This would be a great way to breathe new life into an old wicker basket. You don't need anything but two colors of spray paint and some masking tape!
4. Woven paper basket (h/t Design Sponge)
Basket weaving is a delicate art, but this woven paper basket is a great place to start if you're not ready to create something complicated. You don't even need to add the leather handles. The basket would look great on its own!
5. Farmhouse-style produce basket (h/t Houseful of Homemade)
This farmhouse-style produce basket is such a great alternative to a fruit bowl. The stenciled words on the side are adorable, but why not add your spin by painting it with pastel stripes or a pattern?
6. Dyed heirloom basket (h/t A Subtle Revelry)
This dyed heirloom basket was meant for Easter, but it's beautiful no matter what the time of year. Use it to store candy, napkins, fresh fruit ... the possibilities are endless!
7. Crocheted heart-shaped basket (h/t My Poppet)
Here we have another holiday-themed basket that could be used year-round. Make some gifts for your loved ones — and maybe a couple for yourself.
8. Fabric-lined woven baskets (h/t Busy Bliss)
Would you have ever guessed that this basket started out as a simple plastic bin from the dollar store? These would be great in any room of the house, and at this price, you can afford to make a few.

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