This painting technique is going viral (+ 7 projects)

When most of us think of painting craft projects, we think of using paint and a brush, the old-fashioned way. However, there are multiple ways to color crafts, using techniques you may never have even thought of.
Give items in your home a unique, one of a kind look by considering creative ways to paint, and everyone will be asking how much you paid to achieve such a stunning, chic look!
1. Weathered painting (h/t Weathered Pieces)
Distress a picture frame using a weathered painting technique that turns anything new into a treasured antique. You can use this technique on many different items to produce a shabby chic result.
2. Glue crackle (h/t White Lace Cottage)
Did you know Elmer's glue was the secret to a crackled finish? This everyday, affordable glue creates a really cool, distressed look when applied to wood. Use it on everything from frames to mirrors.
3. Vinegar mercury glass (h/t Take the Side Street)
Mercury glass is beautiful; and costly. Take the DIY route and save some cash when you create your own 'faux' version of this popular finish. The secret ingredient? Vinegar!
4. Soap peeling paint (h/t Brassy Apple)
Turn anything into something that looks decades old with an easy DIY painting tutorial that makes your wood decor look so old the paint is peeling! This is perfect for a shabby, rustic home.
5. Faux stone look
Pool noodles aren't very elegant, but believe it or not, it takes little more than a coat of stone spray paint to transform them into a chic piece of home decor. That's the secret behind this genius DIY project. Get the full tutorial here.
6. Vaseline distressed paint (h/t Love Grows Wild)
Create the look of old paint with Vaseline. This eliminates the need for many special tools or paint types to achieve the look you want. Vaseline is super cheap and does the job with regular paint!
7. Barn board shelf (h/t Fresh Crush)
Craft a shabby shelf that looks exactly like barn board but without the barn board. Confused? Don't be. You'll be using a paint technique that uses steel wool and vinegar to create an aged, rustic look that comes out perfectly.

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