Two drawers are upcycled to become smartest storage we've ever seen ( + 9 projects)

Most people think old drawers are nothing but junk that needs to be tossed, but clever DIYers know they're actually opportunities in disguise. With a fresh coat of paint and some creativity, drawers can be transformed into everything from clever storage to unique bedside tables.
Don't have any old drawers of your own? Ask around! Your friends and family might thing you're crazy at first, but they'll change their minds once they see all the cool projects you're able to make.
1. Plant stand (h/t Happy Together)
If it seems like your houseplants are taking over every surface of your home, it might be time to group them all together in one place! This plant stand is simply adorable, and it would do a great job of stopping dirt and old plant leaves from falling on the floor.
2. Wall-mounted wine bar (h/t Beyond The Picket Fence)
You can never have too many places to store your wine. This wall-mounted wine bar is the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to find storage space in their home, and you'll love the way it can hold wine glasses as well as wine bottles.
3. Three-tiered rolling cart (h/t Sweet Things)
This is another great storage solution for anyone low on space. It could work as a bar cart, a craft supply caddy or a convenient place to display your favorite dishes and some fresh flowers.
4. Under-the-bed rolling storage
This drawer is a genius solution to needing more storage in a bedroom. It's subtle enough that it can slide under the bed without drawing too much attention but polished enough to add to the overall look of your bed. Pro tip: Consider matching the color of the drawer to a color similar to the bedspread so everything looks cohesive. Get the full tutorial here.
5. Simple cabinet (h/t My Repurposed Life)
Believe it or not, an old drawer can be transformed into a modern-looking wall cabinet. Unless you can find a very deep drawer, your cabinet will probably be too shallow to hold many things, but it's an awesome decor piece!
6. Bedside table (h/t Scavenger Chic)
Bedside tables usually come with drawers in them, but this table takes that idea to a whole new level. However, the drawer doesn't provide any storage, so you might want to put a basket underneath the table to hold magazines and extra blankets.
7. Silhouette shelves (h/t Salvaged Whimsy)
If you have several drawers you want to use, you can combine them together to make a clever wall shelf. You don't have to limit yourself to four — you can play with the drawers to build a shelf that fits your space perfectly.
8. Self-watering planter (h/t Instructables)
Do you have a hard time remembering to water your plants? This cute self-watering planter will solve the problem. You'll only have to refill it once a week or so.
9. Wall clock (h/t Creative Ambitions)
This wall clock is a definite statement piece, and probably no one will ever guess you made it out of an old drawer! The style options are endless with this project, so don't be afraid to put your own spin on it.
10. Craft paint storage (h/t Sadie Seasongoods)
Is your unorganized collection of craft paint driving your crazy? Grab some old drawers and make these shelves. Your craft paint will go from being an irritating mess to an artsy, colorful display.

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