10 unique things to do with your photos other than the traditional frame

When most of us think about displaying and enjoying our favorite photos, we imagine putting them in frames to set on furniture or hang on the wall. However, don't let convention limit you! There are so many surprising, fun, and creative ways to show off your photos that you haven't imagined.
1. Memory wreath (h/t Infarrantly Creative)
Turn your framed photos into a unique and beautiful wreath with this DIY. You'll be able to look at your favorite images all in one place, and the wreath adds decor to any space in your home. These make great gifts for family members as well.
2. Photo blocks (h/t Stories By Me)
Photos make a stunning and whimsical decoration when you add them to shabby chic wooden blocks. Decorate the blocks as you like using special words or letters to create a one of a kind photo decoration.
3. Wood slice ornaments
Add cherished photos to your Christmas tree or use these ornaments for personalized gift tags. Adding photos to wood slices creates a rustic and charming look for photos. Get the full tutorial here.
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4. Photo bookmarks (h/t Come Together Kids)
These fun, silly bookmarks are a novel way to enjoy seeing your kids or other family members as you read! Custom bookmarks are fun to make, and everyone in your family will love the way they look.
5. Photo magnets (h/t Crafts by Amanda)
Craft custom photo magnets with this fun DIY tutorial. Resize images or use portions of larger images to craft your personalized photo magnets.
6. Wood photo transfer
Give antique and vintage photos an even more interesting touch when you transfer them to a wood block. These make eye-catching decorations that give depth and dimension to old images, or make new ones look vintage. Get the full tutorial here.
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7. Photo clothing (h/t Photo Jojo)
Obsessed with your favorite images? Turn them into clothing! This super cool DIY shows you how to create your own photo fabric, which makes the most one of a kind clothing pieces you could ever own. You could use this tutorial to make bags, pillows, or other items as well.
8. Photo coasters
Keep your photos close by when you add them to ceramic coasters. These make perfect gifts and look really cute on your coffee or end tables! Get the full tutorial here.
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9. Photo lamps
Enjoy photos for years to come under the warm, soft glow of a lamp. This adorable craft lets you place many treasured images on a lamp to enjoy every time you flip the switch!
10. Mason jar coasters (h/t Something Turquoise)
Take a different approach to crafting coasters when you use Mason jar lids for a shabby chic coaster look. These are the perfect size for your cup or glass, and they're so cute.

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